Four questions that you're too embarrassed to ask the surgeon!

A mothers guide to the 4 most popular questions that you are too embarrassed to ask the surgeons before or after cosmetic surgery.

Are you considering plastic surgery?  Or maybe you’ve already booked in for your procedure but have been too uncomfortable to ask your surgeon some debatably awkward questions!  Fear not, as I am going to answer the most commonly not asked questions we are all too embarrassed to ask our surgeons.

When can I have sex again after cosmetic surgery? - A blog by Pall Mall Cosmetics

1.) When can I have sex after surgery?

Very few of us have the courage to ask our surgeons this question as generally sex is a fairly private matter, that we might not even discuss with our closest of friends!   But partner to partner you are sure to be thinking about or discussing when you can get hot and steamy under the covers once more.

Following most forms of plastic surgery, you are likely to be a bit swollen, numb and maybe even a bit bruised.  The bruising and swelling can last a good few weeks post-op and so sex might not be at the forefront of your mind anyway. 

If sex is something you want fairly soon after surgery, there are a few things you need to bear in mind.  Firstly, whatever surgery you have had, you are likely to have incisions, especially with a tummy tuck.  Sadly these incisions can be susceptible to infection and even bleeding (particularly if you are going to get naked and be bouncing around the bedroom causing potential movement and friction of them).  It is therefore generally advised that you resume any sexual activity a good few weeks post-op, just so your incisions are well on their way to healing and the risk of infection is lower. 

It may sound strange, but try asking your aftercare team. The nurse is going to be very well placed at your post-op checkups to know when your wounds are healed enough for sex to be an option again.

Will I lose Nipple Sensitivity after cosmetic breast surgery? - A blog by Pall Mall Cosmetics

2.) Will my nipples lose sensitivity?

For many of us ladies, nipple sensation is an important factor during our intimate moments.  The bad news is that following breast augmentation surgery, nipple sensation can be lost.   However the good news is that only around 15% of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery end up with some loss of nipple sensation.   The even better news ladies is that there is a key way in which loss of nipple loss sensation can be avoided, hooray!

One of the main causes of lost nipple sensation is having overly large implants in situ.  This ultimately results in the skin stretching significantly which consequently restricts blood flow to the nerves within the breasts – and this is what causes the nipple sensation loss.  So if you’re going for the glamour model 550cc look, you may want to have a rethink!  With Pall Mall Cosmetics, the surgeons would always ensure a suitably sized implant is inserted to fit your frame. It’s really useful to have some expert guidance when you are unsure of the exact size or shape you want

This is an important part of the consultation process, you should always look to meet with your surgeon before making any decision on size. There is nobody better placed than the surgeon themselves to know what will work, and what is likely to be too big for your body – but also to achieve the desired look too.

When can I drink after having cosmetic surgery? - A blog by Pall Mall Cosmetics

3.) When can I drink after having cosmetic surgery?

We’ve all been there where one quiet drink leads to one seriously bad hangover the following day!  Haven’t we!?  You may just like a few drinks in the evening or at the weekend, but either way, asking your surgeon when you can have a drink is somewhat… awkward.  Unfortunately, I do have some bad news for you ladies, after reading the next few sentences you’ll be thinking twice about having a few sneaky glasses of bubbly post-op!

Firstly, drinking alcohol can increase the risk of swelling by widening your blood vessels.  Swelling can be uncomfortable and painful and will ultimately add time on to your recovery.  Secondly, alcohol thins the blood which can prolong any infection you may have and can also prolong any bleeding.  Finally, you are likely to have painkillers post-op to help manage your swelling and discomfort. Mixing alcohol with these medications can significantly impact the effectiveness of them and can therefore impede your recovery.  I think it is safe to say that you would be better saving a bottle of bubbly until a good few weeks post-op!

Will my friends know I have had cosmetic surgery? Our blog by Pall Mall Medical

4.) Will my friends or family know I have had surgery?

If you’ve not told your friends, work colleagues, family or partner about your surgery I am guessing you’ll be desperate to ask your surgeon whether they’ll be able to tell!   Some of us keep our surgeries to ourselves for a number of reasons…we can be embarrassed that we have had a particular procedure, it may be for a boost in body confidence or in some cases we just don’t want our partners knowing how much we have spent!  Whatever the reason, it is a somewhat uncomfortable situation to be in, which is likely to make you feel embarrassed asking the question.

I suppose it all comes down to how observant your friends, family or partner are.  Sorry ladies, but scarring and swelling are all part of the deal when it comes to having cosmetic surgery.  So if you can hide this for around 4-6 weeks…you could successfully keep your surgery a secret!  Of course it depends on how subtle a change you have had, if you have gone from a size 32 B to a 32 FF with breast augmentation, I can’t promise that the sheer larger volume won’t be a giveaway! But it is certainly possible for more intimate cosmetics surgery such as a labiaplasty, vaginoplasty where your dressings and recovery will mostly be hidden away.

This is a really common question for non-surgical treatments too such as botox, lip fillers or facial fillers. Though as the recovery is much much smaller, most people can have a treatment with no downtime whatsoever and go straight back to work.

In summary ladies, you’re not alone when it comes to asking the awkward questions, you are likely to have one or more that are very personal to you. It is important you speak to an expert who can discuss what you want to achieve with your body without getting embarrassed.

Book in now for your free consultation with one of the surgeons at Pall Mall Cosmetics today and I promise they’ll be no red cheeks (at least from the surgeon anyway)!

Mr Vummiti Krishnan at Pall Mall Cosmetics in Manchester, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows

How do I find out more?

Here at Pall Mall Cosmetics, our surgeons ensure all of our patients are relaxed and comfortable during their consultations. You will not be rushed and there is quality time with the surgeon to answer any and all questions you may have, which can be asked with no judgement being made and only honest, professional advice being given.

You can ask Mr Krishnan, or your chosen surgeon any questions no matter how small or insignificant you think it may be. A surgeon can help to address your individual concerns and calm your nerves.

We have a team of care coordinators who will be on hand to answer or seek guidance on any questions you cant bear to ask too, and trust us, you wont be the first person to ask outside of the room either!

To get a free of charge, no obligation consultation for a breast augmentation or any other cosmetics surgery or treatmentk, simply call and speak with Helen, Sara, Sarah or Jamie-Leigh in our dedicated cosmetic care team on 03300 58 44 55 or email

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