COVID-19 Quiz



With the Coronavirus rules constantly changing as authorities react to the latest news of the presence of COVID-19 across the UK, there is a huge amount of information available to us online. But after months of COVID-19 dominating the headlines and changing the way we work and socialise with friends and family - how much do you know actually know about the virus? Take our quiz and see how clued up on COVID-19 you really are!

1. What are the main differences between covid-19 and influenza?
2. Can cats and dogs get Covid-19?
3. How soon after symptoms appear should you get a test done?
4. Do surgical masks stop you from getting the virus completely?
5. According to WHO’s global pulse survey, what percentage of countries report disruptions to essential health services (e.g. cancer screening and treatment) since COVID-19 pandemic
6. What are the three main Coronavirus symptoms?
7. What is a virus?
8. What is the official name of the virus as designated by the World Health Organization (WHO)?
9. What does the 19 in Covid-19 stand for?
10. Which of these is NOT listed by the WHO as a symptom of coronavirus?
11. What is more effective at removing the coronavirus from your hands?
12. How big is the coronavirus?
13. What does the virus attach itself to when it enters the human body?
14. How long can the virus survive on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, according to studies?
15. This is not the first widespread coronavirus encountered by humans. But which of these is NOT a type of coronavirus?
16. Which organ in the body does this coronavirus primarily attack?
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