Recovering From Cosmetic Surgery

Recovering From Cosmetic Surgery

Private cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. More and more people are going under the knife, and many experts state that doing so can bring very positive mental health benefits. However, many considering plastic surgeries are put off by the idea of arduous recovery periods. There's really no need to worry. Cosmetic surgeons are true experts in what they do and are more than capable of carrying out procedures in such a way that recovery is as quick and as easy as possible. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, here are a few tips which may help:

1 - Ask Your Doctor What to Expect (and follow their advice!)

Every plastic surgery is different. A breast enlargement requires a different kind of recovery to a nose job. Ask your doctor the best ways that you can help facilitate your own recovery. The following, are some general rules to help with any kind of surgery recovery, but your doctor will be able to give you some more specific advice tailored to your own surgery. Take their advice to heart - they know what they're talking about!

2 - Manage Your Expectations

Psychological recovery is, in many ways, more important than physical recovery. It's important for you to understand that most cosmetic surgical procedures take some time to xe2x80x98settle', which may vary from days to weeks. Studies show that unrealistic expectations and/or the shock of change can have damaging effects on the mental health of those who undergo cosmetic surgery. If you have a positive outlook and reasonable expectations, cosmetic surgery can considerably enhance your mental health. However, if you're expecting absolute perfection, or even hoping that the surgery will somehow transform other areas of your life, it's likely that you'll be disappointed. It's important to keep a sense of perspective, to have the patience to wait for your procedures to heal up correctly, and to treat yourself kindly in the interim.

3 - Drink Plenty of Fluids

It's always important to drink lots of fluids, but it's particularly good to do so when your body is attempting to recover from surgery. Your body needs a lot of water to do its job effectively. Whilst you shouldn't overdo it with the water drinking, getting a bit more fluids than usual into yourself will give your body's natural healing processes a huge boost.

4 - Ask About Medications

If you're on any kind of medication, it is important to inform your doctor prior to the procedure. Some medicines may have an effect on the surgery, or on your recovery from the surgery. For example, if you're on blood thinners, you may end up bleeding more than you should whilst under the knife. It's thus incredibly important that you inform your surgeon about any medications that you take, however irrelevant they may seem! You may also find that there are certain medicines which could help you to recover from your surgery. Painkillers, anti-inflammatories, can help you through the recovery process but, again, it's important to ask your doctor whether or not it's safe and helpful for you to use them.

6 - Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is absolutely essential for healing. Your body uses the time when you're asleep or at rest to get to work on the knitting tissues, reducing swelling, and all the rest of its miraculous healing processes. What's more, when you're at rest, you're less likely to engage in the kind of activities which could aggravate your operation site, or slow healing down. Treat yourself to a few lazy days, and be sure to get some much-deserved lie-ins!

7 - Eat Healthily

Boring advice, we know, but what you eat really does make a huge difference in how well and how fast you recover from any surgery. Good, nutritious meals packed with vitamins and minerals will revitalise your cells and heal up your tissues in no time. Not only this, but they'll ensure that you feel mentally more up to the task of recovery. Be sure to get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, mixed with healthy amounts of protein. Avoid too many ultra-processed meals, and give sugary sweets as wide a berth as you can!

Don't worry - our Plastic Surgeons will provide you with all the recovery information you need for your procedure.

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