Sherri Wyatt – My Story

My Experience – Nose Reshaping with Mr El-Gawad

I wanted surgery on my nose because I was really self-conscious when people looked at me,  on pictures. I felt my nose was bumpy, pointy and made me upset. I was always fed up, I didn’t like going out into social situations because I was paranoid of my nose being big. I was really unhappy with it.

My Cosmetic Coordinator was really approachable and friendly, she was brilliant. She made me feel better before I met the Consultant. If I emailed, she answered straight away, answering all of the questions I needed.

The Consultation:

Before my consultation, I had looked on the internet at a few other clinics for consultations, but a good friend recommended Pall Mall Cosmetics. I decided to book an appointment with Mr El-Gawad, he made me feel more at ease that any of the other clinics I had been to. He was more friendly, and when I looked him up online, he had so much experience, his results looked great and I read all of his references and reviews. He really did make me feel so much better than any other clinic.

When booking in, they asked me which location was easiest to get to, when was most convenient outside of my working hours, they never told me when I had to come.

I was very anxious about meeting him, but when I arrived, Mr El-Gawad was brilliant. He made all my worries go away. I was very worried he could not do the surgery as I wanted, but we even drew diagrams of how I wanted it to look in the end. We made sure the result he could achieve was going to be exactly how I wanted it. He then told me everything he could about the procedure, the recovery and everything else.

Surgery & Post-Operation:

I was very nervous before my surgery and the team really helped to feel excited. They were talking to me every day up to the date of surgery to let me know what to bring, what to do when I arrived, everything to make sure I knew what would happen. It really helped to make my anxiety go away because I knew everything I had to do.

As soon as I arrived, the nurses came to greet me. I was checked into my en-suite room, it was lovely and the Nurses made sure I was ready and aware of what would happen and who would be looking after me. The surgeon came to see me, double checking everything and making sure I was alright. It made me feel so much better.

I had Rhinoplasty and a Septoplasty, a corrective surgical procedure (to straighten the nasal septum), as soon as I woke up I was so excited to see it. I was taken back to my room and within 5 minutes I was up! I was looking at it, there was no pain whatsoever to be honest. I didn’t feel anything and surgery didn’t hurt.

Because I had Septoplasty to correct the bottom of my nose, even with my splint on in the mirror I could see it had been done perfect, how I wanted it. It was uncomfortable to breathe through my nose the first night but I was really happy. There was some bruising, but this was expected too.

I had the splint on for 1 week, before the Nurses called me back to come into clinic. There was still no pain, the bruises had gone and I was so happy seeing the full result, it was exactly how I wanted it. I was back at work the following week.

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Rhinoplasty surgery before and after patient story - with Pall Mall Cosmetics

I’m so thrilled with my Rhinoplasty, the bump in my nose is gone, its not pointing, my nostrils are perfect, I’m so thrilled to have had it done. I would 100% recommend it!

Thank you to Sherri for sharing your surgical journey with us.

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