Stay balanced whilst eating out this summer

With freedom back, we all want to really enjoy this summer with our family and friends to make up for lost time. 

However, if you are one of those people who have dropped a couple of pounds during lockdown and are feeling better for it then don’t worry. We have just the tips you need to stay on track with your healthy eating and fitness regime! 

The 80/20 principle is simply broken down into two components. For 80% of your week, you are making good food choices filling your body with healthy food, pack with vital vitamins and minerals. The other 20% of the week is your time to relax your food choices for example at social events, meals out and nights in with some tasty snacks. 

There are 21 meals in a week (based on three meals a day) meaning that 17 of your meals should be healthy, balanced, nutritious and mindfully chosen. The other four can be eaten at your leisure. 

How can I put the 80/20 principle into practice? 

Cook your meals at home for the majority of the week

Cooking at home means you know exactly how your meals are made, how much butter, oil and salt goes into your food as well as how many grams of carbs and fat. It’s also much easier to figure out your portion sizes too.

Have that piece of cake! 

We are all guilty of being too strict on a diet – “one sweet treat ruins the whole diet so what’s the point in carrying on with it”. Sound familiar? 

If you are living by the 80/20 principle this way of thinking becomes unnecessary. As long as you aren’t out over-indulging often then it’s fine to have a piece of cake every now and then.

You’re building a healthy lifestyle 

Strict diets aren’t sustainable. You feel restricted, denying yourself your favourite foods and end up feeling unmotivated and fed up. 

Start listening to your body. Once your body adapts to eating more protein, fresh fruit and vegetables and less grains it gets used to the feeling. You won’t crave processed foods, drinking soda and sugar in the same way you used to. 

Then when you have a piece of cake at a party, you’ll enjoy it in the moment but after it you’ll want to get back to your healthy meals and fuelling your body with nutritious foods. 

Remember – you don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time. Allow yourself a little break to take in your diet, like you would in life. Perfection is what leads people off course, balance is key. 

Start the 80/20 principle today! 

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