Sunday rituals for a successful and happy week

Sundays are an opportunity to get ready for the week ahead. Instead of it being an end to the weekend, why not use the day used to set up for a week of success and happiness?

Here are our tips to help you plan…

  1. Go extra on self-care

Self-care Sundays are a must. Go all out and do whatever makes you feel most pampered and relaxed. Whether that’s having a bubble bath, giving yourself a facial or just simply relaxing in your pyjamas whilst watching your favourite Netflix series.

  1. Make realistic to-do lists 

Create to-do lists that are realistic, but capture long term goals, as well as short. Before starting your to-do list take five minutes to think about where you want to be in the next five to ten years. Then focus on what on your to-do list will help you to achieve that long term goal.

Your to-do list will be able to show you where you should be reducing time on certain tasks and increasing time on others.

  1. Get that inbox to 0

Whilst Sundays are supposed to be like time for relaxing and not focusing on work, spending just 10-20 minutes going through your emails will help you get ahead of the week.

Just think about how good your Monday morning will feel when your inbox is already at zero and your calendar is planned out for the week!

  1. Take some time to read

Reading is both enjoyable and good for you. Whether it’s winding down before bed on Sunday night, spending some time in the afternoon, or the ritual you look forward to when starting your day, fit in some more time to read.

  1. Keep your home tidy

Having a de-cluttered space can massively reduce a cluttered mind. Take some time on a Sunday to give your house a tidy whether it’s cleaning the kitchen, putting the laundry away or changing your bed sheets.

  1. Get outside

It’s a fact that being in the outdoors for just 20 minutes can boost your mood and help ease stress. Spend some time on a Sunday sitting in a park or going on a walk to elevate your mood and help you to feel happier and more relaxed.

  1. Do nothing!

Sundays are often filled with “I should be at the gym” or “I should be cleaning the whole house from top to bottom”. If you are guilty of this, then remember that above all the best ritual to set you up for a successful week sometimes is to rest! That’s right instead of rushing around tackling your jobs why not simply take the day for yourself and take some time to rest your body and mind.

Have a successful and happy week!

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