The Green Initiative at Pall Mall Medical

The Green Initiative

xe2x80x98The Green Initiative aims to offset Greenhouse Gases emitted by human activities, ranging from complex industrial production processes to simply driving a car. It is the responsibility of everyone to do their bit for the environment. Pall Mall Medical is now formalising our efforts to be green!

What is Pall Mall Medical doing to help?

Recycled paper

Pall Mall Medical has made a conscious decision to use recycled paper for all internal users. The paper is 100% recycled (no trees are cut down during the production) and there are no chemicals or bleaching used in the paper. The paper has the Blue Angel Stamp mark for the environment.

The recycled paper also has health benefits for those who have dyslexia and eye strains, due to its colour (which is slightly off white).

Printing and posting

With the use of advanced technology, we have introduced new software that now automatically removes the “waste” when printing documents this includes “trimming” all email signatures before printing, all documents being printed in black & white, and margins being reduced automatically. These small changes mean that we can significantly reduce the amount of paper and ink we are using.

Information Capture

We are now actively promoting all patients to fill in their key details via email, rather than using a paper copy at the front desk. We've also just commissioned a project to introduce tablets at the front desk instead whilst this will, of course, make it simpler for patients, it will also remove the need to print all those new patient forms! Watch this space...

KPIs for staff

As well as a strategic company decision to introduce more environmentally friendly processes, we want this to filter down to all staff within the company too.

As part of our regular KPI reviews with staff, we are now looking at the “Green initiative” as one of their targets! This could be anything from turning the light off when they leave a room to emailing documents rather than printing & posting them.

The staff have loved it, and we've seen a great improvement in the whole company's approach to "green"!

We can't "save the environment" on our own, but these are just a few small things we're doing to play our part in the wider green initiative.

We are urging you to become "greener" if you haven't already. The small changes you make will have a continuous effect to protect our planet. We hope that Pall Mall Medical can lead by example. Stay tuned, in the coming months we will be adding new components to our Green Initiative we hope you will join us.

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