The importance of cervical screening

Cervical cancer is the 14th most common cancer in females in the UK, with around 3,200 new cases every year, according to data from Cancer Research UK. Yet 99.8% of these cases are preventable.

A smear test, or cervical screening, can be the first step in diagnosing and treating cervical cancer.

The main symptoms of cervical cancer include:

  • vaginal bleeding that’s unusual for you – including bleeding during or after sex, between your periods or after the menopause, or having heavier periods than usual
  • changes to your vaginal discharge
  • pain during sex
  • pain in your lower back, between your hip bones (pelvis), or in your lower tummy

Cervical smear tests are a quick and simple way to detect early abnormalities in the cells in a woman’s cervix. And by detecting changes in cells early, early detection and treatment may prevent over 90% of cancers developing.

Although cervical screening is no longer available on the NHS for women between the ages of 18 and 25, if you fall into this age bracket or any age above – it can still be important to get tested regularly.

To mark Cervical Screening Awareness Week recently and emphasise the importance of attending your appointment, we invited Bec from The Manc down to our Manchester clinic for a smear test.

Check out Bec’s video on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to get a sneak peak of having a smear test at the clinic and how quick and easy the process can be.

Pall Mall Medical offers smear testing for women from the age of 18 and above. With city centre clinics located in Manchester and Liverpool and a private hospital in Newton-le-Willows, appointments are available with a nurse, GP or Consultant Gynaecologist, starting at £165.

By attending your cervical smear, you can also discuss with a consultant whether you can have the HPV viral vaccine even if you missed the NHS immunisation programme or are not eligible.

Results are received within a week and are kept in strict confidence. There are no waiting lists and appointments are available at short notice.

More information can be found here. If you are concerned about any of the symptoms mentioned above and would like to book in for a private appointment you can do so by calling 0161 394 0319 or by using our online enquiry form.

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