The Importance of Normal GP Appointments

The coronavirus outbreak has put our NHS, local doctors’ practices, and healthcare services under enormous, urgent pressure over the last two months. However, it is a growing concern that signs of other serious conditions are going unnoticed and untreated.

GPs are worrying that they are not seeing the breast lumps, postnatal depression, pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, mini-strokes, rectal bleeding, neck lumps, swallowing difficulties, suspicious weight loss, moles that are changing shape, palpitations, chest pain suspicious for angina, abdominal pain suspicious for appendicitis etc. They must be still happening, but people are staying at home ‘not wanting to bother the doctor’ or are simply too scared to go out in public.

The paediatric community is desperately worried about sick children not being taken to hospital because their parents are understandably scared. Doctors are also concerned that the morbidity and mortality of those who are scared to go to the GP might be almost as big as those who die of Covid-19 itself.

When calling 111 waits can be long and appointments are not always promised. In such an uncertain time it is important to know you can seek medical advice privately.

This may not be the best time to tell the doctor about your fungal toenail that you’ve not got round to treating for 6 months, but if you have new symptoms that are worrying you, we urge you to seek medical advice. We have listed signs of other serious illnesses that you should still be looking out for regularly and should not be ignored regardless of the situation:

  • Abnormalities/lumps/changes in your breasts
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Suspicious changes in skin/moles
  • Heart palpitations
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Unexplained in pain in any area of the body
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Chest pain/breathing difficulties
  • Abdominal pain
  • Unexplained dizziness or fatigue

At Pall Mall Medical, GPs are OPEN even if our doors are temporarily closed! If you notice symptoms that are worrying you, please contact us. We now offer GP appointments via video and telephone. To book you can call us on 03300 58 44 55.

It is also important that people are continuing to keep up with routine medication and repeat prescriptions that they would usually collect from the GP. If you are considered a high risk person and don’t wish to leave the house to collect a prescription, it is important that you take advantage of the delivery options that can be available in certain locations or ask a friend of family member to collect it for you.