The Lockdown Glow Up

Why self-isolation may be enhancing Britain’s natural beauty – our expert dermatologist explains

Our consultant dermatologist Mr Rajkomar, sheds light on how the Government’s three-week lockdown could be the best thing to happen to our constantly prepped, primed and preened appearances.

As the nation faces unprecedented times, Brits have been confined to the safety of their homes. This drastic lifestyle change has left much of the population feeling anxious with a touch of cabin fever however, for the glamazons of the UK, self-isolation could be a welcome change from the pressures of Instagram readiness.

As we swap our workwear for pyjamas and turn dining rooms into home offices, our everyday beauty routines have taken a nosedive. However, could our new low-maintenance regimes be enhancing our natural beauty?


Foundation Free Faces

“For many British women, applying makeup is as embedded in their morning routine as brushing their teeth and it’s becoming increasingly more popular amongst men. Our skin is a common insecurity and using foundations and concealers gives many of us the confidence we need to face the day. However, the constant application of these products, which often sit on the skin for nine hours or more, can leave us with clogged pores and overly oily or dry complexations. Though these products certainly mask our skin issues, they actually contribute to the underlying problem.


Three weeks later:

“After a three-week break from wearing base makeup products, you will expect to see a brighter, clearer complexion. With the help of a gentle alcohol-free exfoliating face wash and frequent use of moisturiser (ensuring it is gel-based if you suffer with oily skin), your pores will appear smaller and less clogged, leaving you with the confidence to go bare faced.


Orange is the New Black

“Fake tan has become more of a staple amongst British women than the little black dress, with plenty of men jumping on the trend too. Fake tan is a great way to achieve a summer glow without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Though fake tan should be praised as it a healthy alternative for sun-worshippers, similar to foundations, it can clog your pores resulting in acne on the face, back and chest. In addition to this, new ‘quick dry’ formulas may spare your white bed sheets but can lead to extreme dryness on the elbows, knees and shins.


Three weeks later:

“A three-week holiday from the constant cycle of scrubbing and reapplying fake tan will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother than ever, as your skin will begin to repair any damage caused from scrubbing stubborn patches. Ensure you continue to moisturise daily. Pores are often only thought of as being in your T-zone however they actually cover your entire body. A break from bronzing will drastically decrease any signs of acne or blackheads on your face, chest and back.


Oily Hair, Don’t Care

“Perfect luscious locks are a must for men and women alike but to achieve these dreamy hairstyles, many of us are washing our hair daily with shampoo and conditioner. Though the immediate result of using products look great, over washing our hair is actually doing more harm than good. These products strip our hair of its natural oils, which stop the hair from becoming too dry, meaning it is more suspectable to breakage. In addition to this, the constant application of chemicals to our scalp can create itchy dry patches and dandruff.


Three weeks later:

“Reducing the frequency at which you wash your hair whilst self-isolating will allow your hairs natural oils to thrive. These oils may not look or feel the best, but they are actually rich in nutrients, creating stronger, thicker hair follicles.


“After three weeks, your hair will appear longer, thicker and glossier. It’s important to note that whilst oily hair is a treat for your follicles, the same can’t be said for your skin. Aim to keep hair off your face, and opt for ponytails and braids over buns to avoid split ends.

Heat-Free Hairstyles

“In addition to not washing our hair as often, Brits will find themselves styling their hair even less as the need for perfectly sleek locks goes out the door. Straightening, curling and waving techniques can dramatically change the appearance and texture of our hair with beautiful results. However, the extreme heat used to create these looks can be damaging. High temperatures create irreversible damage to the hair strands, such as split ends and breakage, which will ultimately result in the affected areas having to be cut off.

Three weeks later:

“Putting the curling wand down for three weeks and allowing the hair to dry naturally will restore strength to the hair, resulting in it being able to grow longer and thicker. If your hair seems too unruly to leave alone, try applying a small amount of coconut or argon oil to damp hair for a sleeker yet healthy appearance. If your hair is a little limp and lacks lustre, letting it dry in a loose braid is a great heat-free alternative to waving your hair and will add a beachy texture without the damage.”