The Real Reasons People Choose To Have Cosmetic Surgery

Real Reasons People Choose To Have Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever judged somebody for having cosmetic surgery?

There are a variety of reasons as to why someone may choose to have cosmetic surgery. Whilst many choose to go ahead and have a less-invasive procedure such as botox or full cosmetic surgery such as breast implants for purely aesthetic purposes, there can often be deeper underlying issues present.

For example, an illness such as breast cancer or an injury from a car accident which has resulted in a person’s physical appearance changing could be the reason as to why a person may want to have a cosmetic procedure, to retain their original look. Therefore, this begs the question; is society too quick to judge somebody who has had a cosmetic procedure?

Further reasons as to why a person may have cosmetic surgery include:

  • Improved physical health – A rhinoplasty, for example, involves reshaping/resizing the nose for aesthetic purposes, but can also improve breathing
  • Body enhancement – A tummy tuck involves having excess skin and fat removed, so a person who has lost a significant amount of weight may want to enhance their look by having this procedure
  • Improved self-confidence – To address an insecurity a person may have had for most of their life and therefore resulting in new feelings of self-confidence

Cosmetic surgery is not something to enter into lightly and without due consideration. We’d encourage those who are considering a cosmetic procedure to think about what the reasons are behind wanting it. Reasons which we wouldn’t recommend include:

  • The aspiration to look like a particular celebrity
  • It being a trendy thing to do
  • Somebody else persuaded you
  • To save a marriage or a relationship
  • You think somebody will like you more
  • To show an ex what they are missing

Before you make such an important decision, it’s vital to know all of the facts by speaking to a responsible provider about cosmetic surgery. We have a highly experienced team of acclaimed surgeons who specialise in facial, body and breast surgery; who will discuss in detail with you what you are wanting to achieve and what you can expect. Your safety, quality of care and patient comfort are at the forefront of the service we provide.

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