The top five health issues caused by lockdown

Brits working from home during the pandemic said that stress, weight and tiredness were the areas they felt had heightened as a result of working from home.

A study of 2,000 adults found that more than a quarter revealed they also felt more anxious about their health than ever before, with 23 per cent admitting the pandemic made them want to get their general health checked over more often.

Top health concerns Brits had during the pandemic included tiredness, stress, weight, back ache and a lack of exercise.


Many cases of tiredness are due to stress, not enough sleep, poor diet and other lifestyle factors. To help restore your energy levels you could try:

· Eating little and often rather than a large meal less often

· Move your body – even just a 15-minute walk can give you an energy boost

· Perfect your evening routine to help for a better night’s sleep


Stress is a common problem but there are plenty of ways to try and help reduce it.

You could try:

· Talking about how you feel to family and friends

· Use time-management techniques to help you take control

· Try calming breathing exercises

· Making lists of things to remember and plan for days or events that may cause stress


Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is key to a healthy weight. Avoid food such as crisps, biscuits and sweets which are full of empty calories.

If you feel as though you’ve put weight on during lockdown then why not look at safely reducing your calories to lose any unwanted weight?

Back ache

Stretching can not only help increase your flexibility, but it can also improve your posture, reduce stress, body aches and much more.

Tight muscles can lead to a decrease in your range of motion. When this happens, you increase the likelihood of straining the muscles in your back. Stretching can help heal an existing back injury by stretching the muscles.

A regular stretching routine can also help prevent future back pain by strengthening your back muscles and reducing your risk for muscle strain.

Lack of exercise

Take up a form of exercise to get you back into the swing of life after lockdown. It’s important for your overall health to do some form of exercise for at least 2.5 to 5 hours per week this could be going for a walk on your lunch break when working at home or walking instead of driving to the local shop to help burn off some extra calories.

To enjoy life to the full you need to be in the best possible health which means taking every opportunity to make sure that everything is as it should be, medically.

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