Top tips to help you feel tip top

To mark World Health Day (Thursday the 7th of April) we’ve sat down with our Clinical Director of Medical Services Dr Tang to discuss some of his suggestions on how you can feel tip top. 

Dr Tang said: “Your health is so important, and what better way to share some of my tips on how to make sure you can feel good than on World Health Day!” 

Get enough sleep

“The first and most important thing to consider is how much sleep you are getting every single night. Without enough quality sleep our minds and bodies don’t work as well. 

“In the short term, even after one or two terrible nights’ sleep can affect your memory, judgement and reflexes. You’re at greater risk of crashing your car. In the long term, sleep deprivation can cause weight gain, increase your risk of diabetes, elevate your blood pressure and weaken your immune system.” 

Get your body moving

“Did you know that even just 20 minutes outside can change your mood for the better? Studies have shown that stepping outside lowers stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Get moving and you’ll release feel-good hormones (also known as endorphins).”

Laugh some more

“Laughing releases a burst of feel-good hormones (endorphins) and stimulate your health and lungs.

“In the long-term laughter can boost your immune system, as when you’re happy your body releases stress and illness-fighting neuropeptides. So make sure you take the time to meet up with those around you who make you feel good!” 

Take time to meditate

“Just five to ten minutes of meditation a day can leave you feeling calmer, happier and with an increased focus. Meditation requires no equipment and it’s free.

“The short-term benefits include improved circulation, less anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure and blood cortisol levels and lastly an increased feelings of well-being and peace.”

Give someone a helping hand

“We all know that doing something to help someone else is a powerful way to increase life satisfaction, boost happiness, find meaning and connect with those around us.

“Kindness is also incredibly contagious and creates a virtuous cycle. Doing good and giving back makes us happy, which makes us want to do it more often, which makes you even happier!”

If you are feeling unwell and want to book a private GP appointment at Pall Mall you can by calling 0161 394 0319 or by using our online enquiry form

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