Top Tips To Protect Your Skin This Winter

The cold weather is most certainly upon us. Not only do we have to put up with feeling cold and having sniffly noses, but we also have to endure sore, dry, flaky and rough skin.

You may already have a strict beauty regime in place, but you might want to consider tweaking your regime for the harsher weather this winter season.

Naturally, as the temperature drops during the winter months so does the humidity, and sadly your skin follows suit.

Our highly experienced Consultant Dermatologist, Mr Rajkomar shares his top tips to help rehydrate, rejuvenate and keep your skin refreshed and protected during the winter months.

Tip one – Use a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser. This will help to remove the dirt from your skin without stripping the natural oils which could cause dryness.

Tip two – Use a high factor SPF to avoid sun damage which can speed up signs of ageing. Believe it or not, UVA rays are still present during the winter seasons so it’s important to wear SPF at all times of year.

Tip three – Use a more intensive moisturiser on your face and body, and don’t forget your hands. You tend to wash your hands even more in the winter season to avoid catching a cold or flu, but this can take its toll on your hands. Make sure to keep them moisturised throughout the day and at night.

Tip four – Be aware of the types of fabrics you wear on a daily basis. Even though it’s a fashion winter favourite, wool can irritate skin, especially if it’s already dry and itchy. Try to wear lighter, more breathable fabrics that you can layer.

If you’re still suffering with your skin during the colder months, why not book an appointment with our consultant dermatologist? Click here to book your appointment now.


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