Using Insurance to See A Private GP


How can I use health insurance to go private?!

We all lead busy lives and sometimes our health can take a back seat - I know I'm guilty of this. Our health shouldn't be an inconvenience. Going private is nothing to worry about, it can complement your NHS care when you want immediate care.

It's important to know that going private does not affect your NHS care and it won't impact on seeing your family GP or your practice registration.

Many people have a policy covering private healthcare and this may come in the form of health insurance, a medical cash plan or more simply, as a direct benefit e.g. for an employee. So, if you have a policy, why wait?

1. How do I know what my health insurance will cover?

This question may have crossed your mind and the great news is that private clinics like Pall Mall Medical work with all major insurance providers from Bupa to Aviva and Axa to Medicash.

Though it's important to consider that our individual policies have their own rules on eligibility and what services we can use them for. The biggest questions are always "what will it cover" and "when can I use it". The easiest answer is always to call your provider and ask them if they can approve the service you need. It's not going to be an interrogation and often takes just a couple of minutes.

No clinic will accept your health insurance without a xe2x80x98pre-authorisation code'. This is a technical signal used between the insurance company and care provider to acknowledge that a service has been approved for that patient. With this code in hand, you're good to go!

You can simply book your service and the medical clinic will take the code and handle the billing behind the scenes. The only exception is a cash plan, where you would book the service and then submit your invoice/receipt and claim back the costs. Though you should still check if your service is covered first of course!

Private MRI Scan in Liverpool, Manchester and Newton-le-Willows

2. Can I see a private GP with my health insurance policy?

Yes, if eligible! By seeing a private GP you can avoid waiting lists and see a doctor as quick as same, or next day. It can be much more flexible to your daily routine, allowing you to fit in a GP appointment around picking the kids up from school or before an early morning meeting. Furthermore, the duration of appointments gives you quality time up to 30 minutes if necessary, to ensure that you can get to the bottom of your concerns or have a thorough check-up.

So, whether you need advice, a prescription or even a sick note, why not consider seeing a private GP - and get back on your feet in no time at all.

Private MRI Scan in Liverpool, Manchester and Newton-le-Willows

3. What are the common services to use health insurance for?

Another bonus of a good health insurance or cash plan is the ability to access a wide range of services. Although eligibility does differ between providers, there are so many handy services that can help with your health and well-being.

If it's aches and pains, poor posture or rehab from an injury, why not see a physiotherapist? I'm always twisting a foot or ankle when running and seeing a physiotherapist is a great way to get back to what I love doing.

One of the most popular insurance services used at Pall Mall Medical is to see a Consultant. Did you know that Pall Mall Medical is pretty unique and you can book directly with an expert or surgeon without needing any referral letter from a GP. This means you can access specialist advice or investigations fast and without any barriers. Most of the time, a condition that is was not pre-existing will be covered so you can get to the bottom of any concerns you have.

It may be that the GP, Physio or Consultant has referred you for a scan. If you let your provider know, they will often allow you to have the scan done privately too. A scan is no different to any other service, whether it's an MRI, CT or X-ray - get your pre-authorisation and you can get the answers you need in a fraction of the time.

Book With Confidence

If you like the sound of flexible appointment slots and shorter waiting times, then why not dig out your policy and get some benefit from it. It's quicker than you think to arrange your appointments and a quick call to your provider will tell you if you can go ahead with your appointment.

If you would like to book an appointment with a GP, please contact Pall Mall Medical by calling 03300 58 44 55 or email They always try to fit your care around you. Don't let your health be forgotten about!

We have two clinics in Liverpool City Centre and Manchester City Centre, and a private hospital in Newton-le-Willows. There are no waiting lists and you DON'T need a referral letter from the NHS for an appointment at Pall Mall Medical. We offer a simple call and book system for all self-funding and medically insured patients.

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