What causes acne and 3 cosmetic treatments to improve your skin

what causes acne

Acne is a common issue for many people and varies in terms of its severity and time in which the person has it for. The condition of acne is natural but not many people are aware of how exactly it occurs, and how to help treat it. It’s triggered by a hormone imbalance that leads to oil glands producing a surplus amount of sebum. When this excess sebum is combined with dead skin cells it blocks the hair follicles thus resulting in irritation.

Many also don’t realise that acne can normally last beyond adolescence, although for most sufferers symptoms do disappear rather quickly. Many people (falsely) assume that the best xe2x80x98quick-fix’ would be to squeeze or make an attempt to pop the acne area this will only lead to further irritation and in some cases, excess scarring. One thing that ought to offer peace of mind, is that acne isn’t contagious in any way, it’s an irritation oppose to an infection that can’t be passed on through any sort of interaction.

There are varying degrees of acne, there could be red, black, or yellow spots or even in some more severe cases cysts below the skin that will rupture and result in scarring.

Regardless of how severe your acne may be, advanced dermatology can help combat such an issue effectively. Treatments include topical, systemic and cosmetic acne treatments.

Our Pall Mall Medical Skin Clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, and Newton-le-Willows offer three cosmetic solutions to such a common problem:

Chemical Skin Peels

Our Chemical Skin peels aid the skin’s regeneration through stabilising its tone and texture. The range we feature at Pall Mall Medical has varying grades and concentrations of glycolic and TCA peels. Whilst the initial consultation for this solution is free of charge with ourselves at our skin clinic, we do recommend looking into using one of our home care kits in order to properly prepare your skin. If you opt to go for glycolic peels then we recommend a course of four peels to ensure optimum results. Whilst TCA can be a useful peel for certain skin types, when it comes to acne the glycolic acid tends to be more effective.

Restylane Vital Skin Boosters

Pall Mall Medical’s Restylane Vital skin booster treatment offers deep dermal hydration as a means of repairing damaged skin. The treatment procedure is comprised of three appointment sessions that would be placed 3-4 weeks apart from each other, a series of fine micro-injections ensures that the treatment reaches optimal success. Acne is often associated with bacteria and as this harms the skin greatly offering it a vital boost is essential for healthy repair to your skin.

OXYjet Oxygen Facial

OXYjet is a diverse form of advanced dermatology, one branch of which is ideal for treating acne in impure skin. Not only does the OXYjet solution fight the acne itself but it allows reduces the scarring that often follows, leaving a fresh and clear look to the skin. Thanks to the most advanced biotechnology it helps restore a hormonal balance in the skin and combats the bacteria that acne leaves behind.

Book an appointment with our private dermatologist to find the right course of action for you.

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