What Happens During A Women’s Health Screen?

There are several benefits when it comes to getting a health screening, whether it's for a routine check or peace of mind. We've sat down with one of our patients Chloe to hear all about why she decided to have a health screen with us and how it went.

Why get a Women’s Health Screening?

It is basically a preventive measure which not only keeps your mind at peace but also helps you avoid any future health concerns. My appointment lasted for about an hour and I was given plenty of time to talk through my lifestyle, family history and concerns I had in regards to my health. I didn’t feel rushed at all and felt comfortable at all times. I can only talk from my experience, but I’ve always felt like I couldn’t go to my NHS GP and ask for a health check unless I had serious reasons to be concerned. I’d rather prevent than treat when it’s too late, which is why I found this health screening at Pall Mall Clinic so valuable.


What’s included in the Pall Mall Women’s Health Screening?

A full-on health check. The consultation starts with a chat so that the GP find out about your full history, any health issues in your family and any concerns you may have. They will then proceed to a physical examination. The doctor checked my weight, blood pressure & pulse, eyes and ears, throat as well as my abdomen. Basically everything! As I had said in the consultation that I wasn’t sure how to check my breasts, the doctor called a chaperone for her to be present whilst he was carrying on this part of the examination.

Finally, I was asked to give a urine sample and finished with a blood test and given the option to include additional tests.

In addition to this examination, it is possible to request additional tests, such as a mammogram, MRI scan, allergy tests or ovarian cancer test (which I asked for).

I also asked for the blood test to include some vitamin deficiency tests as I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t lacking any essential nutrients.


Getting the results

You receive your results via email one week later. The full report includes the detailed results and highlights anything that might be concerning, as well as some follow-up advice.

Luckily my results were perfectly normal so there was no need to follow-up but if there was any issues I would probably have been called to discuss and arrange further tests.


Final thoughts

I wouldn’t say that I am a hypochondriac, but I value my peace of mind and I have a very preventive approach towards my health. If you are like me and want to monitor your health regularly, I can only recommend booking yourself in for a Women's Health Screening at Pall Mall Medical.


Read Chloe's blog here.

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