What is a MAC?

Big MAC? Apple MAC? Raincoat MAC?
Actually, in a hospital environment, it stands for Medical Advisory Committee. It is a group of people who meet together, on a regular basis, to ensure the hospital is following various standards, governance, compliance and best clinical practice.
The MAC is essential for the smooth and safe running of a hospital. Really, all hospitals – NHS or private – should have some form of MAC. So at Pall Mall Medical, who sits on our MAC and what do we do?
The chairman of the MAC is Dr Sanjay Pitalia, Medical Director and Founder of Pall Mall Medical. He has over 30 years of clinical and management experience across primary care, secondary care, NHS boards, local authorities, and as a day-to-day NHS General Practitioner.
Sitting alongside him – in life, business, and the boardroom table – is his wife, Dr Shikha Pitalia, Co-founder and Co-director of Pall Mall Medical. Dr Shikha Pitalia is also a General Practitioner working within the NHS – with phenomenal experience dealing with NHS bodies, private bodies, CCG’s, CQCs, healthcare think tanks and more.
As Pall Mall Medical’s Hospital (in Newton-Le-Willows) predominantly focuses on theatre-related activities, we have a Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr Moataz Abdulrahman who represents anaesthetist interests, as well as the general safety/well-being of the patients, theatre team and surgeons. Dr Abdulrahman sits on multiple MACs across the NHS and within private hospitals in the North-West of England.
Representing the surgical aspect of Pall Mall Medical, we have Mr Ahmed El-Gawad. Mr El-Gawad is a senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon with over 25 years of practice, teaching and mentoring within the NHS and private sector – national and international. He is one of the most popular and busiest Plastic Surgeons at Pall Mall Cosmetics and has a thorough understanding of legislation, best practice, and guidelines within the different parts of the patient journey: consultation, pre-oper care, surgery, post-op care/aftercare. He is also registered with BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons).
Trisha Adams is our Theatre Lead and represents the theatre staff on the MAC. She has over 20 years of experience as an ODP (Operating Department Practitioner) within both NHS and private hospitals. Her experience, expertise, knowledge and understanding of the theatre makes her invaluable to the MAC and, of course, the patient journey.
Adele Smith is our Hospital Manager at the Newton-Le-Willows site. She has multiple years of experience in compliance and management across different industries within healthcare. Adele oversees the hospital activities and coordinates the surgeons, anaesthetists, theatre staff, admin staff and patients. Combined, Adele oversees the running and management of the hospital.
Then, there is me – Raja, the Business Manager at Pall Mall Medical. Based across all three sites, I work closely with surgeons, anaesthetists, managers, directors, staff, patients – pretty much every aspect of the organisation. I am responsible for coordinating the various aspects of Pall Mall Medical, to ensure that everything works in harmony, to ultimately provide the highest possible level of patient care and patient experience.  (I write blogs as well to help people understand just what we do here at Pall Mall Medical!)
So what did we talk about at our latest MAC meeting? Well, we looked into the audits done by the hospital over the past 12 months – cleanliness, training, patient satisfaction, outcomes, timekeeping and many more; we set, reviewed and evaluated key performance indicators for the next 12 months; we analysed any complaints, significant event analyses (SEAs) and adverse events, and moreover formulated action plans to mitigate the risk of recurrence. We also discussed the best ways to ensure all of our staff, surgeons and anaesthetists are provided with the best possible training and support, such that they can provide the highest levels of care to patients at Pall Mall Medical.
The meetings are normally quite long, so I won’t mention everything or go into detail on any of the points! Nevertheless, I hope this blog gives you an understanding of the “behind-the-scenes” in running the Pall Mall Medical Hospital, and an indication into who is making sure you have a safe and pleasant experience with us!
Pall Mall Medical is committed to 3 principles:
– Firstly, patient safety is our most important goal – especially as a clinically-led organisation
– Secondly, patient experience is crucial – especially in the private sector
– Thirdly and finally, sustainability – ensuring we are able to provide our patients with ongoing care and to ensure our staff receive continued and developing careers
These three principles are at the heart of the MAC and everything we do within the organisation.