What to Expect in a Men’s Health Screen

There are several benefits when it comes to getting a health screening, whether it’s for a routine check or peace of mind. In this blog we talk through the benefits of a health screening, what’s included and everything you need to know before attending your appointment.


Why should you consider getting a men’s health screen?

Tailored especially for men, our health screens are an ideal way to prevent illness and get an accurate view of your state of health. It can be difficult to get a full health screen with the NHS unless you have a serious reason to be concerned. At Pall Mall, we understand that your health is your biggest priority and it’s important to prevent an issue rather than treat it when it’s too late.


What is included in the men’s health screening?

The consultation starts with a chat so that the GP find out about your full history, any health issues in your family and any concerns you may have. They will then proceed to a physical examination. The doctor will check your weight, blood pressure, pulse, eyes, ears, throat, and abdomen. You will then be asked to give a urine sample and blood test. Our health screens are tailored to you, which means that you are able to add any additional tests that you wish to have such as an MRI scan, allergy test and more.


Getting the results

You will receive your results via email one week later. The full report includes the detailed results and highlights anything that might be concerning, as well as some follow-up advice. If any issues are flagged, you will be contacted by the doctor to arrange any further tests or examinations.


To find our more about our health screening services click here or call us on 0161 3940310.

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