What you should know about your cosmetic surgery scars

Scarring is a natural part of the healing process following breast, body and face procedures.

Most cosmetic surgery procedures can’t be carried out without any scarring which is why it’s important to understand the healing process when it comes to scarring. 

Immediately after your cosmetic surgery procedure you should expect to see your scars being raised, tender and red in colour. This will last for approximately a week. 

The scars will begin to fade and become paler as your recovery progresses. Usually scarring can take up to one year to fade, although it’s important to note that usually scarring will never completely disappear but will become unnoticeable. 

Looking after your scars properly includes…

1. Keeping your wound dry: all patients after surgery will be told how long to wait until they get their incision wet. Instead of a shower, patients are advised to keep clean and wash the incision are using wipes or a sponge. 

2. Attending your post-op appointment: it’s imperative that your wounds are checked post-surgery at your appointment with a nurse. This appointment is to check the sutures (sterile surgical threads) and remove any if required. This appointment also gives the nurse the opportunity to check that your wounds are healing as expected. 

3. Using the right products: all Pall Mall cosmetic surgery patients who undergo cosmetic surgery that involves scarring will receive a free Solution for Scars cream to help aid their recovery. Please avoid using any perfumed skincare products or oils and wearing make-up until your incisions have full healed. 

4. Protect your incisions from sunlight: it’s important to make sure your wounds are completely covered up using factor 50+ SPF when in direct sunlight or on the sunbed following your cosmetic surgery procedure for at least one-year post-surgery.

The rate and extent to which the scars heal and fade vary between patient to patient and depend on external factors like smoking, consuming alcohol, exposure to direct sunlight and your diet. 

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