Who would want a Labiaplasty?

Who would want a Labiaplasty

Have you got elongated Labia? Don’t worry, it’s time to give a fair share of attention to the vaginal area and say no to tugging, pulling and stretching.

It is said that one foot is bigger than the other, and there is nobody part that’s symmetrical. Therefore, it’s normal for your labia Minora to be visible on the outside.

Labiaplasty is becoming one of the most popular female genital surgery procedures around the world. It is a surgical procedure that sculpts the external vaginal structure that reduces & reshapes the Labia Minora and/or Majora (the lips surrounding the opening of the vagina), to create a more streamlined appearance. It is performed for both aesthetic and medical purposes.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

The approach to performing the surgery depends on the tissue. It could be a wedge excision, where a surgeon moves a triangle of tissue in lips, or an edge excision, where a surgeon removes tissue along the edge of the lip. The colour, size and shape of the labia may change as a result of ageing. The procedure involves cutting the unwanted tissue away with a scalpel and the loose edge is stitched up with fine dissolvable stitches. The procedure is usually performed with a local anaesthetic and can either be done in a treatment room or theatre set up. It takes about one to two hours to complete the procedure and patients can usually return home within an hour of the completion of the surgery.

Why do Labia Grow?

– Labia Minora usually grows during puberty, it suddenly appears to hang down slightly before the labia Majora catch up

– The size of the labia Majora is largely dictated by the fat content underneath the skin. Someone who is very slim may feel their labia Minora is oversized due to comparatively smaller Labia Majora.

Do you need to trim Labia?

– Large labia cause discomfort during exercise, sex or other physical activities.

– Women often want to remove areas containing lumps, bumps or other areas of abnormal or diseased tissue

– Many women choose the procedure for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons, as a small change can have a large impact on confidence.

– It is very common for athletes because they are uncomfortable wearing tight clothes that make them feel bulky.

– Some women have a general dissatisfaction with the appearance of the vaginal part of their body.


Benefits and Risks of Labiaplasty Surgery


The benefits of this procedure can be life-changing as it helps in improving the appearance and function of the labia. Women experience a more youthful look as it enhances vaginal muscle tone, strength and control.


Bleeding, infection and scarring of tissue may occur, there are chances of developing a blood clot in vein. All risks and how to prevent them will be discussed with you during your consultation with the surgeon.


The procedure requires some time off work to recover. Patients usually take a couple of weeks to fully heal. One must follow the basic rules like keeping the area clean and away from infection. Avoid wearing tight clothes to prevent rubbing and avoid sex for few weeks. It is advisable to use sanitary towels instead of tampons.

Procedure timing

There is a window during which the procedure can take place: 3 days after the last period, and 2 weeks before the next period. Our nursing team and Consultant will discuss this with you before the procedure takes place.

Book with Confidence

In past, there were taboos with women talking about rejuvenating the private parts of their body. However, research states the Labiaplasty procedure has already and will continue to gain popularity as it is very effective and it has a quick recovery period.

For more details, book a free of charge consultation with one of our Plastic Surgeons at Pall Mall Medical, in order to assess and explain the options, benefits & risks involved. To book, email cosmetics@pallmallmedical.co.uk, phone 0330 058 44 55 or visit: https://www.pallmallmedical.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery/labiaplasty

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