Why bananas are better for your health than you ever imagined!

How much do you know about bananas?

These curvy yellow fruits are grown in over 104 countries and we consume over 100 billion a year making them by far one of the most popular fruits in the world.

There are around 50 recognised species of these tropical fruits and each being well known for containing high levels of potassium, and pectin (a form of fibre).

When compared, bananas put apples to shame, as one banana contains four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A, five times the iron, and two times the vitamins and minerals.

Other health benefits our yellow friends can give us are:

Allergy– Bananas consist of beneficent amino acids, which are not allergic in majority cases

Anemia– As Bananas are highly rich in iron content, they are beneficial in anemia treatment

Boosts Energy– Sugars like sucrose, fructose and glucose present in bananas will provide an instant energy to consumers.

Constipation and diarrhoea– In general, Bananas are given as remedy in diarrhoea and constipation because it holds a good amount of soluble fibre and can help in regular bowel activity.

Dysentery – Bananas effectively work for dysentery. Ripe bananas which are mashed and processed to cream are very effective in dysentery treatment on children.

Hangover- Banana milkshake together with little bit of honey is a very good remedy for hangover. It soothes your stomach, together with milk, it rehydrates your system.

Each banana contains only about 105 calories, and consists almost entirely of water and carbs, resulting in them containing very little protein and almost no fat!

As well as being incredibly healthy bananas are also one of the most convenient snacks available.

See what other health benefits you can gain from eating bananas:

Helps you to stop smoking– The nutrients like potassium vitamins and magnesium that are present in banana take out the nicotine in your body.

Improves mood– Amino acid called tryptophan present in bananas helps in the serotonin production

Improves brain functioning and keeps alertness– Potassium available in the banana helps in developing the brain as well as increases alertness.

Kidney disorders– As bananas consists of rich carbohydrates content and low protein amount, they are so useful in kidney disorder.

Over weight– Bananas together with skimmed milk are very good medicine to reduce your weight.

Reduces  the risk of heart attacks – potassium in banana maintains the body fluids and electrolyte balance in the cells and helps with blood pressure (BP) control, reducing the risk of heart stroke and attack

Good for blood- Vitamin B6 in bananas is useful in haemoglobin and antibodies, development in the blood.

Healthy Bones- Potassium present in bananas helps in reducing the risks of osteoporosis by reducing calcium deficiency.

Healthy nervous system- Potassium in bananas can help in preventing strokes. Regular banana eating reduces the risk of death by stroke by about 40%.

When it comes to fruit wouldn’t you agree bananas are certainly a strong competitor. We urge you to add a banana to your eating habits

Let us know how you get on!