Why choose private healthcare in the UK?

There are many reasons for choosing private healthcare in the UK, some are general benefits and others are perhaps more specific to you or your family. Indeed, making the choice to take out private medical care is one that isn’t instantaneous but is (in most cases) something you do to plan for whatever might lie ahead.

1. No waiting lists

Whether the procedure is big or small, being stuck on a list instead of receiving treatment or tests is incredibly frustrating. Whether it’s you or a loved one who is awaiting treatment, the frustration is equal in terms of having to wait and worry. When you take out private healthcare, UK citizens choose to bypass such lists and receive the treatment they deserve with fast results.

2. Rapid results

Get quick and accurate diagnostic and tests with no waiting around for those all-important results. Many are available the same day, within 4-6 hours of your appointment. There are also specific services that offer fast turnarounds such as rapid result STD testing and rapid access breast examination clinics.

3. Services not available

Often you might find that certain procedures aren’t available to you. Take for example, breast augmentation. If this was to be done for cosmetic purposes then it wouldn’t commonly be available in the UK. However, with private healthcare companies, you wouldn’t be subject to exclusions and thus able to receive the treatment or procedure you desire.

4. No GP referral needed

Unlike other medical appointments, you wouldn’t need to see a GP beforehand. This means that again, the matter at hand can be dealt with quickly and efficiently and in some cases by one consultant, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. You won’t feel like you’re part of a chain – private medical companies work to ensure that you receive the highest quality comfort and care with time taken to ensure everything is explained to you and understood.

5. Highly trained professionals

This counts for the clinical and administrative staff throughout a private health service. Naturally, you’d expect the surgeons and consultants to be leaders in their fields. People often neglect to consider the other experts that will help your care, even when they’re as fundamental as an anaesthetist.

6. Not as expensive as you think

After considering such benefits, no doubt you assume the costs will be astronomical. In reality, this isn’t the case, when all things are considered the costs are often much more reasonable than people assume. At Pall Mall Medical, prices for a private doctors appointments start at just £70 and we treat both self-paying and insured patients, all major medical insurance providers are accepted.

To find out more information, contact Pall Mall Medical today – gp@pallmallmedical.co.uk

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