Why Some Stress Can Be Good For You – Dr Ria Explains

Whether it stems from financial troubles, work-related issues, a difficult relationship or struggles in our personal lives, we all have to deal with stress at some point. Dr Matteo Ria, our very own Consultant Psychologist has commented on the how some stress can be good for us to help us see the positive side to these difficult times.

Dr Ria said: “It is a fact of life that we are all going to encounter stressful situations. We all think of stress as a negative emotion, however there are more benefits to feeling the pressure than you may think.

It makes you more adaptable

“As human beings we are adjustable, and fluid and stress can help us to realise this. From a psychological point of view, work would be conducted around acceptance. If an individual can accept the challenging news or situation which is causing them to feel stressed, then they can begin to adapt to the situation which can then result in the individual becoming much more productive.

It boosts brainpower

“Stressors and triggers, the stimulants which can make an individual stressed, can actually result in a person becoming much more alert. This newfound ‘alertness’ can positively impact cognitive functioning including memory, reasoning and focus, as long as it does not result in the individual panicking.

We gain confidence and resilience by managing stress

“When we encounter a stressful period in our lives, as humans we become aware of all our resources and coping mechanisms to help us through the difficult time. This can lead to an individual feeling empowered by the way that they have handled the situation, resulting in them feeling more confident and resilient- the feelings of which can be carried through to other areas of their lives making them stronger individuals.

You are less risk adverse

“Each time a person overcomes a stressful period within their life, they are better equipped to face their next challenging situation. The individual will know that they have successfully dealt with stress in the past and the new situation may not seem so scary. This can result in the person being less scared to take risks within their lives in the future.

It strengthens your relationships with other people

During this challenging time which we are all having to face, the population has been asked to self-isolate and stay away from others. This is a great cause of stress to many of us however, this is a time where we can reflect on our individual and socio-cultural values. From this stressful period, a deep sense of unity and togetherness has emerged which is strengthening people’s relationships.

It can motivate you

“This unprecedented global crisis is a cause of great stress, however, it can deeply motivate us to take responsibility and become a better version of ourselves. It has given us the motivation to resist, to move forward, to tolerate, to collaborate, to survive and to get back to enjoying life’s simple pleasures, which we may have previously took for granted.

“If you are struggling with stress, we would always recommend discussing your concerns with a GP who will be able to advise on the best next steps for you.”

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