Why The Pandemic Has Caused Loss of Libido

The lockdown libido slump: why the pandemic has put us off sex


Lockdown has impacted Brits in different ways, and trouble with sex drive seems to be top of the list with data reporting a 90 percent increase in searches for ‘decreased sex drive’ in the 24 hours following Valentine’s Day.


Google data compiled by Pall Mall Medical also reported a 300 percent increase in searches for ‘loss of libido in women’ and a 180 per cent increase in searches for ‘erection pills’, suggesting that the pressure of the most romantic night of the year promoted Brits to seek medical advice.


Data also reported a 120 per cent spike in searches for ‘erectile dysfunction treatments’ which Pall Mall Medical puts down to lockdown pressures.


The UK lockdown is having a negative impact on the nation’s health in general, affecting individual’s sleep hygiene, mental wellbeing and drinking habits. This combined with being confined indoors on and on for a year, having 24/7 with our other halves, home-schooled children ruining the mood and a lack of self-confidence as a result of the extra weight we have all gained.


Dr Chun Tang, General Practitioner at Pall Mall Medical, sheds some light on why the nation may be struggling with getting intimate during lockdown.


Dr Tang said: “Our libido is a person’s overall desire for sexual activity, and it appears to be the case that Brits may appear to be struggling in the bedroom, with data showing a vast increase in searches for erectile dysfunction and other sexually related conditions in the days following Valentine’s Day.


“I believe these issues are a result of the national lockdown, with added day-to-day pressures affecting our health in a vast number of ways which, in turn, negatively impact our sex drive.


“Whether we realise it or not everything from struggling to sleep, to increased drinking habits and financial concerns can have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing and result in a loss of libido.


“Not feeling in the mood can have a massive effect on an individual’s confidence, creating a vicious cycle where it can become difficult to have sex. If someone feels they are struggling from a lack of libido, they should try to talk to their partner to work on ways to introduce excitement back into the relationship again. Couples should talk openly about their bedroom worries so they can work together to add excitement into their relationship again.


“For those who are suffering physically, for example, those with impotence, which is the inability in a man to achieve an erection, it is important to note that this often relieves on its own. However, sometimes impotence or erectile dysfunction does require medical treatment, and it is always a good idea to speak to a GP in case the condition indicates a more serious underlying problem.”


If you are struggling with a loss of libido, we would always recommend discussing your concerns with a GP who will be able to advise the best next steps for you. If you are struggling to get an appointment with your NHS GP, at Pall Mall Medical we offer same and next day private appointments with GPs who can refer you to one of our consultant gynaecologists. To book an appointment click here or call us on 03300 58 44 55.

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