Blocked Ears

Blocked ears

Being able to hear clearly and in comfort every day is a simple joy we all cherish and sometimes take for granted. To experience any kind of prolonged obstruction and/or discomfort leading to Having blocked ears can cause significant communication difficulties at work and at home and can affect our ability to concentrate on any task at hand. With blocked ears, you may now not feel as independent as you normally would, which could be affecting your ability to confidently continue with many aspects of your daily routine.

Symptoms of Blocked ears

  • Earache, blocked ear pain and/or sensitivity
  • A persistent ringing, popping or crackling sensation within the ears
  • A loss in your normal ability to perceive sound – hearing muffled sounds/voices
  • A build-up of pressure within your ears or your head feeling ‘full’
  • A sensation of vertigo – as if the environment is moving or spinning around you
  • Noticing that you seem unsteady on your feet for any length of time

What causes Blocked ears?

A common cause of blocked ears is the substantial build-up of ear wax. Ear wax acts as a natural barrier material made by the body to protect the ear canals from the introduction of bacteria, dust or grime. When the ear wax increases in volume and hardens it can lead to blocked ears. This condition can reduce your normal ability to hear, your usual sense of balance and your general wellbeing. The ears can also become inflamed, swollen or sore due to the presence of an infection. This can happen as a result of a cold or even as a side effect of a dietary allergy with the cause of the blocked ear here being the gathering of mucus instead of ear wax. Blocked ears can occur over a period of time or can arise acutely depending on the nature of the medical reason found to be causing this condition.

Treatments for Blocked ears

You may be wondering just how to clear a blocked ear or even just what to do if your ear is blocked. If you are suffering from the symptoms of blocked ears we appreciate that it can be all too tempting to try to remedy the situation at home by yourself – but we would ask you to try not to do so as your ear canals and ear drums, are, as you know, sensitive and precious parts of the body which can become easily damaged by accident.

Why not book an appointment for a discussion of all suitable treatment options for you as soon as possible? You could be prescribed a course of medication to dissolve ear wax if this is the cause of your blocked ear, you could opt for ear irrigation (sometimes called microsuction ear wax removal) or even a micro suction procedure designed to effectively clear the obstruction. If your blocked ear has arisen due to other medical reasons, rest assured we can help determine the cause and advise you during your consultation with our experts.

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