Partial Nail Avulsion

Partial Nail Avulsion

Don’t worry. No one gets partial nail avulsion – it is not a condition. You may have an ingrown nail, however, requiring this minor surgical procedure as treatment to remove just part of it. Restore your personal comfort and confidence plus remedy the pain by booking a consultation appointment with us to discuss whether you need to proceed with partial nail avulsion.

Ingrown nails, particularly toenails, are a common condition for many. An ingrown nail is one where the nail has grown into the skin on the finger or next to the toe. You may not be able to stand for any length of time, walk for any distance comfortably or even feel that your favourite shoes are getting just a little too painful to wear.

Perhaps consider wide-fitting, open-toed sandals or other loose-fitting comfortable shoes to be your immediate footwear of choice to ease your present discomfort. Book an appointment to access the podiatry services and advice you may really need right now, which Pall Mall can offer you, today.

Symptoms of Partial Nail Avulsion

If you need partial nail avulsion, you may be suffering from:

  • An infection
  • Ingrown fingernails or toenails
  • Nails which are now curved/distorted/thicker – causing you pain
  • A level of discomfort coming from around the nail itself
  • Surrounding skin which is red and swollen

Note that if your toe is infected, you may experience a discharge of pus coming from it and you may also feel a little unwell. You may feel hot or have a shivery sensation of discomfort or even develop a high temperature.

What causes Partial Nail Avulsion?

The need to opt for a partial nail avulsion procedure can occur if you regularly cut your nails too short or even keep trimming them to the very edge of the nail bed instead of straight across the top. An ingrown toenail can arise if you wear too tight footwear or shoes which do not fit you correctly or enable you to walk with ease and in comfort. The nail in question can become injured in these types of situations causing the ingrowth and so the pain, to begin.

Treatments for Partial Nail Avulsion

Book an appointment for podiatry services for ingrown nail examination. You may be treated with antibiotics if you have an infection. If you need a foot specialist (a podiatrist) to help, you may be offered either of two procedures – a podiatrist can cut away part of the nail (partial nail avulsion) or you may need to have the entire nail removed by them (total nail avulsion). If you opt for either procedure, you will be given an injection of local anaesthetic before the minor surgery begins to numb the affected area.

After surgery, we can talk about your partial nail avulsion healing time and partial nail avulsion aftercare so you can benefit from every step of our expert foot care.

At Pall Mall, we offer partial nail avulsion podiatry services to restore both comfort and confidence in your feet.

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