Spider Thread Veins

Spider/Thread Veins

Spider or thread veins can be considered to be related to the varicose veins family of vascular conditions. They commonly appear as much smaller or even tiny groupings of blue or red veins just underneath the skin on your face, nose, legs and/or feet. Spider or thread veins can present in a spider or web-like pattern which can make them easy to identify by patient and clinician alike. They are thought to be harmless to health but can cause cosmetic concern for those affected by them. Spider or thread veins can disappear on their own over time but this can take years to achieve.

Symptoms of Spider/Thread Veins

  • Small clusters of blue or red veins visibly present just underneath the skin
  • Various tiny groupings on the face, nose, legs and feet or just in one area
  • The clustering can cause redness in the skin
  • You may also experience aching or itching of the affected area

What causes Spider/Thread Veins?

Clues to help us understand exactly what causes spider veins to first appear lie in their unique visual appearance. The development of spider or thread veins is thought to be more likely to occur as a result of an increase in the hormone oestrogen which can happen during pregnancy or as a result of taking the oral contraceptive pill.

Just like with varicose veins, the specific look of spider or thread veins can show that the affected vein walls are now so stretched that the small valves which operate within them no longer open and close correctly to help circulate the blood through the body as it should. With blood now leaking and flowing backwards it can collect or pool within these tiny capillaries but on a much smaller scale than for varicose veins. Just like with varicose veins, the reasons for the onset of spider or thread veins is still to be ascertained by further medical research.

Spider or thread veins are very common and often appear in older age but they can cause your self-confidence to dip, especially if they appear on your face, and you may feel self-conscious about your appearance because of them. You may be thinking about the best spider or thread veins treatment options available to you.

Treatments for Spider/Thread Veins

The best way to get rid of spider veins for each person affected by them is determined on the advice offered by your chosen healthcare provider during a consultation. One option could be the use of a series of laser treatments to seal or ‘shut down’ the affected blood vessels if deemed suitable for you. Make-up to conceal spider or thread veins from view may be a useful coping strategy to try if they are having a significant effect on how you feel about your appearance. At the appointment, there is an opportunity to address your concerns and ask us your questions. We can then let you know all about our set of spider or thread veins treatments.

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