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  • No need to speak to your existing GP
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  • No waiting lists
  • Wide range of specialists
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  • Professional, caring and friendly

Private consultants, specialists, surgeons & medical experts

Pall Mall Medical’s private consultants specialise in over 30 areas including;  private gynaecologists, private dermatologists, private ENT consultants, private gastroenterologists and many more. Our specialists are very easy to access and can offer speedy, same-day diagnostics. We can also organise immediate hospital admission should you need an operation.

There is no need for a referral letter from your GP. All the diagnostics are performed on site, usually at the same time as your consultation.

If you suffer unbearable symptoms or have serious concerns about your health then you’ll want to see a specialist as soon as possible. Quick bookable and walk-in appointments are both available. We offer flexible times and extended opening hours.

With access to one of the largest range of consultants and specialists in North West England, Pall Mall Medical has a raft of private medical expertise for you.

Our team is available for private appointments at our locations in Manchester, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows, allowing you access, without any of the waiting lists associated with the NHS.

Those with private medical insurance – and those who don't have it – are given immediate access to specialist outpatient services and patients are free to ask all the questions they wish.


Accurate diagnosis of common medical problems

Seeing a private consultant is different to seeing a regular doctor; they are specialists in specific areas of medicine and are highly experienced. They can accurately diagnose problems and suggest the right course of treatment.

If you require further scans, for example a  CT, X-ray, ultrasound or private MRI scan our doctors have immediate access to our own private diagnostic and surgical centre, saving you the bother of arranging a scan yourself.

At Pall Mall Medical, we look after you from the initial consultation, right through diagnostics to treatment programmes. If any surgery is required, for medical or cosmetic reasons, we have the facilities for that.


Have a question? Ask Dr Jenna Burton...

Dr Jenna Burton is an aesthetic and medical physician, medical writer and presenter who is involved heavily within population health promotion.

She focuses particularly on the promotion of chronic eating disorder management and emotional health.

Dr Burton regularly contributes articles to the Pall Mall Medical blog on aesthetics, family health and more.

She is happy to answer your questions on any aspect of your, or your family’s health – simply ask your question today.

Recent Reviews & Comments about Pall Mall Medical

" I phoned the clinic for an urgent appointment after looking for a kids specialist for my son who is 6. The reception staff mere amazing. I was seen the same day and I was very very relieved. I had been worrying myself to no end. Dr Dixit from the moment he met my son created a good rapport. Not only with my 6 year old but also 9 near old putting us all at ease. His friendly professional approach went a long way. He understood my worries as an over-protective mum and any time I apologised for being so he said it was OK. He never once made me feel silly but logically and medically addressed every concern I had about my precious son. He also looked at diet, lifestyle and also family history of myself and my son. He also looked at issues I was worried about from a behavioural point of view. He had a natural ability to make both kids laugh while doing his job and extract the info needed. Trust me not a lot of Drs can. It made my son feel included too. He did not rush anything. From after care point of view he reassured me of next steps and what to look out for in terms of symptoms. I would highly recommend this lovely gentleman if you have any concerns about your children. Thank you Dr Dixit , I think I may sleep tonight."

5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review

Daxa - 15th October 2019 , Private Paediatrics

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" The staff have made the whole experience so easy. The support and care I received has been excellent. Sarah was brilliant at answering all my questions and getting things arranged for me, and nothing was too much trouble. From initial consultation to aftercare, she's been fantastic! The nursing staff, anaesthetist and of course Mr Prasad were amazing! They put me completely at ease, reassuring me and supporting me through the whole procedure and really looked after me. I can't thank all the staff at Pall Mall Cosmetics in Newton le Willows enough! I'm delighted with my results and would fully recommend. "

5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review

Rachel Lawton, Pall Mall Cosmetics