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Allergy and Food Intolerance

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Experiencing a strong reaction to certain foods can result in skin rashes, itching, breathing problems and gastroenterology problems, amongst other symptoms. In some cases, the reaction can come on so strongly and quickly that it could be life threatening without the correct medication. When a reaction is this strong, the condition is known as a food allergy. When the reaction to certain foods is less severe and the symptoms display themselves more gradually, this is known as a food intolerance.

 If you are experiencing symptoms such as bloating, gas, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, constipation or skin conditions such as eczema, then you could have an intolerance to certain foods. Although not as serious as a food allergy, being intolerant to certain foods can cause debilitating conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and long-term skin conditions, if the offending foods are not identified and eliminated.


What food intolerances can I be tested for?

 At Pall Mall Medical, our experts provide a comprehensive food intolerance testing service where you can be tested for allergic reactions to certain foods. These can be specific foods which you’ve noticed a reaction to and would like confirmation of, or they can be a range of foods which are commonly known to cause intolerances such as dairy products, gluten, wheat, yeast, alcohol, nuts and fish.


How does the test work?

There are two main ways to test for a food allergy – a patch skin test and a blood test.

·       Patch skin test – This type of test is often used to determine if a food allergy is causing a skin condition such as eczema.

·       Blood test – Our experts will look for a reaction in your blood to certain foods which may indicate an intolerance.

 In both cases, a full history of your food intolerance or allergy symptoms will be taken to gain a full picture of what is most likely to be causing your symptoms. Depending on the results, you may be recommended to follow an elimination diet to confirm which foods are causing a reaction.


How can Pall Mall Medical help?

The allergy experts at Pall Mall Medical will discuss your symptoms with you and, using this information and the relevant allergy tests, they will build up a profile of potential foods which trigger your allergy. You can book an appointment for a consultation and tests with the experts at Pall Mall Medical and avoid any waiting lists at our locations in Manchester, Liverpool or Newton-le Willows. For more details, visit our food intolerance testing page.