Identify your allergies with a patch test

This is a simple method of skin allergy testing to define what might be causing irritation to the skin.

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Skin Allergy Testing - Patch Test

How does patch testing work?

The allergens that are applied to you during a patch test could include nickel, latex, perfumes, medicines and hair dye. You may also be able to bring in toiletries or detergents that you regularly use at home to see if these cause an allergic reaction. A patch test can also detect what might be making existing skin conditions, such as eczema, worse.



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What happens during a skin allergy test?

Three appointments are usually needed for patch testing.  First, a consultation to determine what may be causing your skin to react.

At the second appointment, Pall Mall Medical’s skin experts will mix the substances which could potentially cause an allergic reaction to your skin with a base material. These will then be applied to your skin, usually on the back, with adhesives. This takes a couple of hours and the patches are usually left on the skin for around two days.

You then return to the doctor to have any reactions to the allergens analysed.

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Initial Consultation £225
Patch Allergy Testing £490