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Nutrition is a powerful tool to aid individual goals in regards to health and performance.

Nutrition for both health and performance is one of the fastest growing areas of both clinical and sport science. With this in mind, a growing body of research is now available for people to access both online and in magazine articles.

Nutrition expertise at Pall Mall Medical encompasses a range of areas. Typically, the most popular are body composition changes, for example loosing body fat and growing muscle mass.

Considering the ease of which articles can now be accessed and the influence of social media platforms on sharing information – it is commonplace for information to either get misinterpreted or passed on incorrectly. This ultimately leads to poor nutritional strategies, deficiencies in many vitamins and minerals and unfortunately both a struggle to reach goals and a decline in general health.

Performance Nutrition is a discipline which is expansive and by no means something that can be understood by 140 characters or an online blog. Pall Mall Medical’s Nutrition Consultancy is a unique opportunity to learn and discuss your individual nutritional strategies with our expert, Mr James Morehen. Mr Morehen will provide invaluable insights from evidence based research informed practice into how to achieve your individual goals and targets.

Please see Mr James Morehen’s profile for more information.


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