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Occupational Health

Occupational Health Consultants

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What can an occupational health consultant help with?

Occupational health relates to the well-being of the workforce and their mental and physical condition and reports on how this can affect productivity and efficiency.

Maintaining a healthy workforce is in the best interests of managers and directors, as any lost productivity due to sickness can cost in a number of areas in any business. Our consultants have experience in all areas of employee health are and can provide assessments for staff and also independent medical opinions for those on long term sickness leave, with the overall aim of returning them to work. If their previous role is no longer suitable, we’ll work with you to suggest alternatives and monitor their progress.

Work related health problems may not be physically related and can be mental, social or behavioural, diagnosing this accurately will allow the correct course of action to be taken.

If you’re a team leader, manager or director, we can assess your employees by producing a report detailing their health and suitability for their role if their recent health record is affecting their work and your company.

We also offer corporate health screening for larger numbers of employees, which include reports with any areas of concern. This is a benefit for them as reassurance for their own health, but also for employers to avoid potential long-term sickness and illness issues in the future.