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Consultant Ophthalmologists

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What can an ophthalmologist help with?

Our consultants specialise in all aspects of eyes and vision. They are able to check for problems behind and inside the eye and can recommend treatment to improve your vision. A consultant ophthalmologist is able to look at longer-term sight problems and by using specialist equipment available at our Newton-le-Willows diagnostic centre including a scan inside your eyes to identify problem areas.

Treatment to improve vision can vary depending on your condition however, a common procedure is cataract removal. The team at Pall Mall Medical have many years of experience in performing these operations and can advise you on the best options for treatment during your consultation.


Seeing an eye specialist can make a huge difference to the quality of your everyday life. Our private Ophthalmologists can investigate whether any sight problems you’re experiencing are a cause for concern and whether the cause is treatable. For example, cataracts can develop in one or both eyes gradually over time, causing your sight to deteriorate and making daily tasks difficult to carry out.