Dr Ron McCulloch

Dr Ron McCulloch

Dr Ron McCulloch

Dr Ron McCulloch
General Practitioner 

Qualifications & Memberships

  • MBBS
  • D,T, M&H (Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene)
  • RGIT (Aberdeen University)
  • British Medical Association
  • Royal Society of Medicine (London)
  • American Academy of Environmental & Occupational Medicine
  • Society of Occupational Medicine

Clinical Experience

Dr Ron McCulloch is one of the most popular clinicians at Pall Mall Medical. He is caring, understanding and highly experienced. Patients have described “Dr Ron [as] a kind, sympathetic, intelligent and inspiring” physician.

Dr Ron McCulloch has been a General Practitioner in private family practices for many years, as well as a GP in his own private clinic in the city of Abu Dhabi for 3 decades.
He is fluent in English, French, Italian and Arabic. His main hobbies of Dr McCulloch include international Travel, Reading, and Flying aeroplanes (as a private pilot).
In the past, Dr McCulloch has been an “Approved Aviation Medical Examiner” (AAME) to the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the Canadian Civil Aviation Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the New Zealand and Australian Civil Aviation Authority. He was also done work as a Designated Medical Examiner (D.ME.) for immigration medicals.
He has had experience in looking after the medical needs of transiting crews of British Airways, Gulf Air and the Amiri Flight Directorate of his Highness the president of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi. His job was to offer (along with his deputizing service) round the clock medical care to the crew.
A substantial proportion on Dr McCulloch’s work is also related to “Occupational Medicine” specifically Aviation Medicine & Diving (Hyperbaric) Medicine.
You will definitely be pleased to make Dr Ron McCulloch your first choice GP.

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Contact for appointments

Dr Ron McCulloch is available to see patients in Manchester. If you would like to book an appointment please contact gp@pallmallmedical.co.uk or call 0330 058 44 55

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