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Spinal Surgery

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What can a Consultant Spinal Surgeon help with?

Pall Mall Medical surgeons can assist in all areas of spinal surgery and are able to diagnose problems related to back, neck and arm pain.

Back pain is very common in the UK, and studies have shown 80% of adults will experience back pain at some stage in their life*. Whether this is caused by posture, incorrectly lifting heavy items over time, spinal issues and deformities or degenerative disorders, our surgeons are on hand to help.

Sciatica - compression of nerve roots with symptoms of lower back pain, numbness or weakness in various parts of the leg or foot - is another specialist area that can be treated by our consultants.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is important for starting the correct course of treatment and our surgical and diagnostic centre in Newton-le-Willows has CT and MRI facilities, allowing you to have a scan without any waiting lists.

If you are suffering from back, neck or arm pain, book a consultation with one of our highly experienced Consultant Spinal Surgeons today. 

Common Areas of Treatment

Area of Concern

Treatment Area / Description
Neck pain
Neck and arm pain
Disc prolapse / disc bulge / slipped disc / disc herniation
Conditions where the disc comes out of place and presses on the nerve.
Back pain
Mechanical back pain
Back and leg pain
Spinal canal stenosis
Narrowing of the spinal canal causing leg pain after walking a certain distance
Pain along the nerve, or causing pins and needles or numbness
Compression of the spinal cord causing decreased balance, stiffness / clumsiness of fingers and pins and needles in the fingers
Arthritis of the spine
Modic end plate changes with antibiotics
Only patients who fit the criteria
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
Pain in the buttock that is made worse by sitting or lying down.
Pyriformis syndrome
Pain in the buttock made worse with activity like climbing stairs)
Hip Pain
Hip Arthritis
Treated with specific exercises, + / - steroid injection
Knee Pain
Knee Arthritis
Treated with specific exercises, + / - steroid injection, + / - Unloader brace
Plantar fasciitis
Treated with stretching exercises and insoles
Treated with metartarsal pads
Arthritis in the feet  




Spinal Surgery Consultation


Joint Injections from £500 - £1,500 **
MRI Scans Visit MRI webpage


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