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Independent Medical Opinions - Occupational Health

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Absence at work is a growing concern for many companies,  work related ill health and absence place an increasing cost burden on organisations. If your employee is absent due to certain health concerns or their performance at work is affected by current medical condition you should consider referring your employee to undertake an occupational health examination.

At Pall Mall Medical, we offer neutral independent medical examinations to determine certain factors in terms of whether the employee can work again and perform their daily tasks without any health risks. These examinations are performed by GPs who specialise in independent medical opinions and by occupational health physicians and consultants where the case is complex or requires a specialist opinion.


Why request an independent medical opinion?

  • An opportunity to identify serious health problems early and prevent occupational illness
  • Requirement as part of any occupational health consultation or risk assessment
  • To assess the health of an employee or determine a likely to return work date
  • To identify barriers preventing an employee to return to work
  • To seek support on how to manage a sick employee and obtain a neutral medical opinion
  • To resolve long-term absence and repeated short-term absence issue
  • To seek advice on poor employee performance at work or if you suspect substance misuse
  • To look for medical opinion after an employee is involved in an accident
  • To discuss any work related problems


Our process for medical reporting and opinions

  • We arrange for employee consent
  • We will then request the medical record from the employee’s registered GP
  • A medical investigation takes place at Pall Mall Medical, including diagnostics
  • Pall Mall Medical examine  the patient and provide the employer with comprehensive bespoke report including prognosis, recommendations and a likely return to work date
  • Details  for any rehabilitation plans are given 
  • Pall Mall Medical then give advice on what assistance is needed from employer


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