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Independent Medical Opinions - Occupational Health Services

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Sickness and absence at work is a growing concern for many small businesses, companies and larger organisations alike, with an increasing cost burden in addition to being disruptive in the workplace.

If you have an employee who is regularly absent due to short or long-term health problems or their performance at work is affected by a current medical condition, you should consider referring your employee to undertake an Independent Medical Opinion.

At Pall Mall Medical, we can provide a comprehensive and independent review using our expert team of Private GP’s, Specialist Consultants or an Occupational Health Physician when a specialist opinion is needed. This offers the employer a significant advantage over the limited information an NHS GP may provide; with more practical advice and amicable solutions. Thus empowering the employer to take a more appropriate course of action to resolve the case or improve their business outcome with the employee.

Our bespoke reports are able to advise on a medical prognosis, determine factors, such as a return-to-work date or ability to perform their normal duties, recommend reasonable adjustments that may be needed in the workplace and any impact on the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).


When is an Independent Medical Opinion suitable?

  • As an opportunity to identify serious health problems early and prevent occupational illness
  • As a requirement within part of an occupational health consultation or risk assessment
  • To assess the health of an employee or determine a likely return-to-work date
  • To identify barriers preventing an employee to return to work
  • To seek support on how to manage a sick employee
  • To resolve long-term absence and repeated short-term absence issues
  • To seek advice on poor employee performance at work
  • If you suspect alcohol or substance misuse and want a professional review
  • To look for a medical opinion after an employee is involved in an accident
  • To discuss any work related health problems


What is the process for an Independent Medical Opinion?

  1. We arrange for signed consent to be obtained from the patient, allowing us to request medical records from the employee’s registered GP practice
  2. A medical investigation takes place at Pall Mall Medical, including a comprehensive review with the employee in person and any medical examinations required
  3. Pall Mall Medical provide the employer with a bespoke report including the medical prognosis, recommendations and advice for the employer


How much does an Independent Medical Opinion cost?




Independent Medical Opinion



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Our IMO service offers a neutral ground for both the employer and employee to help resolve what may be a complex case of health conditions, sickness or absence management. We do not provide “on the fence” reports, meaning you will have a helpful and impartial set of recommendations.

For further information about our private independent medical opinion service, please contact our corporate services advisor Charlotte Hoare on or call 0330 058 44 55 or direct on 07469 763 731.