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Simple Steps for using Medical Insurance

1. The employee has some symptoms which require medical attention:

  • Employee visits and chooses the service required.
  • Employee contacts his/her insurance company to check coverage for the planned treatment.

2. Enquire and make an appointment to get a referral letter:

  • Enquire on our website or call Pall Mall Medical and receive a speedy response from our Sales Consultants.
  • The employee offered a 5-minute free of charge telephone consultation with a Pall Mall Medical GP to obtain a referral letter to see a consultant - the employee does not have to see his/her own NHS GP.
  • The employee has a 5-minute free of charge telephone consultation with one of our GPs.
  • GP provides referral letter for a consultant, if appropriate.

3. Arrange an appointment with a specialist consultant:

  • Pall Mall Medical arranges a specialist consultation for employee — 95% of the time, this appointment will be within a few days.
  • Specialist consults with the employee.
  • If the employee needs medication, we can provide it — saving a trip to the pharmacy.
  • Should further treatment/tests be needed, we will arrange everything at a time that fits in with the employee’s schedule. Tests & diagnostics, such as X-ray, MRI or a CT scan, can be performed and reported on speedily.
  • The employee receives results and is given peace of mind or further investigations and treatment plan.

Pall Mall Medical will go through all the steps with you. We have simplified the process in order for you to use your health insurance without the barriers that normally exist, and will confirm cover with the insurer at each stage of your treatment.

To make things easier for you, we have direct settlement arrangements with all the major insurance companies.

You may need to pay any insurance excess or shortfall.


Patient Case Study

James had a burning sensation in his chest for over a month. He contacted Pall Mall Medical on Sunday evening, requesting to see a consultant. James couldn’t believe it when Pall Mall Medical contacted him back almost immediately, within 15 minutes.
Because James had health insurance, he needed a GP referral letter. James lives in Wilmslow, but works in Manchester City Centre. When previously using his insurance, James had to take half a day off work to see his NHS GP. When Pall Mall Medical told him that we could provide him with a referral letter free of charge over the telephone, James was delighted. James spoke to a GP at Manchester, Pall Mall Medical, at 9 am on Monday morning. Within 5 minutes he was booked in for a consultation with our gastroenterologist for the same day.
After the 30-minute specialist appointment, the consultant recommended it would be prudent to have a gastroscopy. James was hesitant at first, he had waited weeks for a gastroscopy before and weeks again for his report. James was promised a gastroscopy could be booked in for him within 48 hours. Before leaving Pall Mall Medical, James agreed a time for the gastroscopy, which was arranged for 2 days time.
James got his results verbally following the procedure, delighted all was normal. James left Pall Mall Medical a 5-star review on our website.
At Pall Mall Medical, we pride ourself on our excellent customer service and rapid access to GPs, consultants, diagnostics and tests. We are confident that should you choose Pall Mall Medical, you can receive the same award-winning service that James received.
*The name of this patient has been changed for the purposes of this case study

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