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Anti-Wrinkle / Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

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Combat your concerns of wrinkles with anti-wrinkle injections at Pall Mall Medical -  named “Cosmetic and Aesthetic Practice of the Year”.
With upper face and advanced lower face treatments available, you are in safe and experienced hands. Consultations are free of charge and allow our experienced and fully qualified Aesthetic Doctors and Facial Cosmetic Consultants to perform a full assessment before recommending the most suitable treatment plan for you.
Appointments are available daily at our award-winning, CQC registered, city centre clinics in Liverpool and Manchester, as well as at our own private hospital in Newton-le-Willows (near St. Helens).

What can Anti-Wrinkle Treatment help with?

Anti-wrinkle treatment is a non-surgical treatment that helps to reduce/remove the appearance of wrinkles. When Botulinum Toxin is injected into the muscle of one’s face, it reduces the muscle's ability to contract (by blocking the signals & connections between the nerves and muscles). By doing this, the appearance of wrinkles relaxes and soften.

Wrinkles are caused by many reasons, with the most common reasons being, the natural ageing process, sun damage and stress. Smoking, lack of sleep, alcohol and diet may also be common reasons.

Treatments can target many areas on the upper & lower face or neck. Treatment to the lower face and neck use more advanced techniques and Pall Mall Medical’s Doctors and Aesthetic Nurses have special expertise in these areas.

People may comment you look “refreshed” after the treatment but will not necessarily be able to tell it is anti-wrinkle treatment you have. Of course, we advise you to discuss in full with your clinician what “look” you want to achieve so the treatment can be tailored to your preferences. 


Which areas of the Face & Neck can I have Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for?

Before any treatment is performed, the Clinician will do a full and thorough assessment, including:

  • What treatment you are looking for and what you are hoping to achieve
  • How the treatment works and what results can be delivered
  • Which treatment is most suitable for you
  • Answering any other questions you may have

You can either have the treatment in the same appointment or come back at a later date – simply let us know which option you prefer.

Upper Face Treatment Areas:

  • Forehead lines
  • Brow Lift - this is performed alongside the frontalis also being treated
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Glabella - Frown Lines
  • Crow’s Feet - squinting lines at the side of the eyes
  • Nose wrinkles - Bunny Lines (side of nose)

Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Lower Face & Neck Treatment:

  • Nasalis (bridge of nose)
  • Lip Lines and Enhancement
  • Gummy Smile
  • Smile Lines (corners of the nose to mouth)
  • Marionette Lines sides of the mouth
  • Jawline softening
  • Chin Reshaping
  • Neck Bands
  • Nefertiti Neck Lift (Jawline, Mouth Corners & Chin Reshaping + neck bands)
  • Jawline, Mouth Corners & Chin Reshaping 

Treatment for Men

Anti-wrinkle treatment for men is becoming more and more popular. The treatment is just as effective for men as it is with women.

Men do have stronger muscles than women, and therefore often need more product injected in order to obtain the desired or optimum results. The muscles are typically stronger on the forehead and frown areas, but other muscles may also be stronger.


Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Products

There are several anti-wrinkle formulations on the market. The most common preparations in the UK all contain Botulinum Toxin Type A.  Although they all contain the same amount of “active ingredient” (150kD Botulinum Toxin Type A neurotoxin), differences do exist between these products.
We use only the best products at Pall Mall Medical that are recomended by our GP's and Surgeons based on the results they give. 
Accompanying proteins may stimulate an immune response against the agent, though can offer protective and mechanistic properties to the agents. What does this mean? Botulinum Toxin by Alelrgan has more proteins; it is more like the natural product but may stimulate a greater immune response compared to the other products. Azzalure and Bocouture have fewer proteins, with Bocouture containing the least. This makes the product more “pure” but it may not contain all the properties conferred by Botulinum Toxin by Allergan. 
Full details and the different benefits and outcomes associated with each product will be explained to you in detail during your initial free of charge consultation. For more information on the three products please read our guide: What are the differences between the brands?
Often it is down to the results you get as to which brand works best for you. Everyone is an individual and can react differently to each brand, with regards the clinical effect and longevity of results following treatment. The differences in prices between the brands are reflected by these chemical differences, and also by the brand name.
If you are familiar with a specific product then please let our team know and we will arrange this for you.

Why would you have Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

Botulinum Toxin anti-wrinkle injections have the effect of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, reducing the signs of ageing whilst maintaining a natural appearance. Many people struggle to accept the visible signs of ageing and choose these treatments as a way to rejuvenate both their appearance and their confidence. We offer free consultations to discuss what treatments would be appropriate for your aesthetic concerns. 

What makes Pall Mall Medical different?

With so many people offering these treatments nowadays, you'll want to make sure you get a trained specialist administering a facial injection, with a wealth of experience and excellent results time after time.

Our experienced Doctors, Cosmetic Consultants and Aesthetic Nurses ensure exceptional results. Unlike some other clinics, we offer appointments at short notice, with free of charge, no-obligation consultations, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and alleviate any concerns without feeling pressured into having treatment.

Pall Mall Medical employs highly-qualified and experienced doctors, consultants and aesthetic nurses to administer the injections. We believe our CQC registered and regulated service is one to inspire confidence. Our expert team will provide you with the essential information and advice you need, from your initial free consultation through to the treatment itself.

Anti-wrinkle injections are given only after an in-depth, individual specific consultation, within our excellent facilities. We have helped many people to combat signs of ageing which diminish their self-image. Recently named Cosmetic and Aesthetic Practice of the Year and with a large team of experienced doctors and specialists available, you can be confident you are in safe hands.

Dermal fillers for face and lip enhancement are also available and administered by our experienced aesthetic specialist doctors, facial surgeons, consultants, and private GPs. 


Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Prices


Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
with Azzalure

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
with Bocouture

Initial consultation

Free of charge

Free of charge

1 area treatment



2 area treatment



3 area treatment


Spread the cost - monthly payments for 3 courses in a year

Example: from £19.22 per month
(16.9% APR, 18 months)


If you wish to have your treatment specifically using a differnt brand of  Botulinum Toxin, please ask our cosmetics team in advance. 


Finance Options

We are able to offer finance options for anti-wrinkle treatment. This means that you can spread the cost over months, rather than having to pay a single amount upfront. 

Aesthetic experts suggest 3-4 treatments per year - rather than having 3-4 large payments per year, book a course of treatments and pay as little as £19.22 per month.

Ask our dedicated team for more information!



When will I start to see results?

Initial results will begin to show 2-5 days after the treatment, and the effects will “peak” 14 days after your treatment.

How long do the aesthetic effects last?

The effects of anti-wrinkle treatment last for an average of 3-6 months but people vary. It depends on site injected and initial strength of muscle in that area.

What should I do before the procedure?

To minimize the chance of bruising, stop alcohol, vitamin E supplements and, if it is safe to do so, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac) 3 days before the procedure.

Is it painful to have these injections?

No, it is not painful, but numbing cream can be applied before treatment if necessary or requested.

Is there any aftercare advice?

There may be temporary swelling, redness & a mild headache for 24 hours.

You should not rub the treatment areas for 2 areas after your appointment.

Please avoid makeup application for 12 hours. Bruising can last a few days.

We recommend you do not undertake vigorous exercise, drink alcohol or expose yourself to the sun (natural or artificial) for 24 hours after your treatment.

Please avoid excessive rubbing, extremes of heat or facial treatments for 2 weeks.

What happens if I think I need further treatment?

Following anti-wrinkle treatment, it can take 3 to 4 days before you notice an effect and it may take up to 14 days for the toxins to be effective.

Further toxins should not be injected before 2 full weeks after treatment. Additional toxins injected may lead to “overtreatment” as the initial batch may still be taking effect which is a common cause of side effects such as drooping eyelids. Overtreatment is also harder to reverse.

Treatment will gradually start to wear off after 2 weeks and hence this is the ideal time for a review should you feel the effect is not what you had hoped for.

Further toxins should not be injected after 4 weeks. After this period, the toxins are already in the treated area for a third of the effective time period. Hence any new toxin will “outlast” the existing batch, leading to mismatched treatment. 

Patients who receive anti-wrinkle treatment at Pall Mall Medical are entitled to free of charge review appointment 2-3 weeks after their initial treatment. Up to 4 weeks after initial treatment date is acceptable in unavoidable circumstances.

Patients should contact Pall Mall Medical at 2 weeks if there are any concerns.


The above guidelines are based on toxins manufacturers, clinicians and relevant research. 

Once I start wrinkle relaxing treatments do I have to continue?

Absolutely not. People often have it 1 month before a big event. Others may have it 3 to 4 times in their first year as they like the effect. After this time, it is often only requested by the client as and when they request it.

The results of the treatment may be less visible after a few months as the muscle will create new signals & connections with the nerves, meaning they will be able to contract again. People will often opt for repeat treatment when they start to see the effects wearing off, and the most proactive people will book a repeat appointment in advance to pre-empt the effects wearing off!

Once the effects wear off, your face will simply return to the same state as before the treatment.

Please note that the effects of the treatment may be different for each person, which the clinician will fully explain to you during your initial assessment.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers provide extra volume on the selected areas, enhancing parts of the face that may require enhancing or “filling”. Anti-wrinkle treatment relaxes the muscles and can be used to create a tighter and “pulled” effect.  Click here for more information on dermal fillers.