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EarFold Treatment

EarFold Treatment - Minimally invasive alternative to Otoplasty

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Earfold ® Treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, done in a clinic, to reposition prominent ears.

Using a small implant, the consultant is able to reposition prominent ears very quickly. The curvature of the implant means after it is inserted into your ear the implant springs into shape, helping to correct your ear prominence by creating or enhancing what’s known as the antihelix fold.

The procedure is permanent, taking approximately 20 minutes and done under local anaesthetic. Most people go back to work the same or next day!


What is EarFold Treatment?

Prominent ears are thought to affect 1-2% of the UK population. The Earfold ® is a minimally invasive implant that corrects prominent ears. The procedure is done using a local anaesthetic, in a clinic environment.

It is a popular alternative to the Otoplasty procedure as it can be done without a theatre setting and any general anaesthesia. This means that the recovery time is much shorter. It also gives you much more control and ability to the position of your ears yourself before the treatment.


What are the benefits?  

The Earfold procedure is intended to quickly & effectively reposition prominent ears in adults and children aged seven or above.

Other benefits include:

  • Short recovery compared to Otoplasty – no bandages so you can return to work as soon as you feel comfortable.
  • You can choose the position of your ears yourself before the treatment.
  • Fast treatment as the procedure typically takes about 20 minutes for both ears.
  • The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic in a clinic environment


The EarFold Treatment itself

During your free of charge consultation with the Consultant, you’ll be asked to go through how you feel about the current position of your ears, and how you would like them to look with the Earfold.

Then, you and your consultant will change the position of your ears by using 1 or 2 temporary positioners per ear. Where they are on the outside of your ear is exactly where your consultant will insert them under the skin on the day of your procedure. You are in control of the new position of your ears. The use of temporary positioners is to decide the final look of the ear, which is unique to Earfold and cannot easily be achieved with a standard Otoplasty.

The Earfold procedure typically takes about 20 minutes, and only uses a local anaesthetic. Here's a summary of what you can expect on the day of your procedure:

1) The position of the implants that you agreed will be marked on your ear.

2) A local anaesthetic will be administered to numb your ears.

3) A small incision (8-10mm long) will be made.

4) The Earfold implants will be inserted into your ear with a small handheld device.

5) Once inserted, the Earfold implants immediately help to correct your ear prominence.

6) The small incision will be closed with sutures and dressed with some sterile tape.

Earfold prices

Each patient is unique - different expectations and as such different requirements. We don't apply a "one size fits all" approach to cosmetic surgery, and as such, the price of the surgery will depend on the exact requirements of your individual procedure. We have included an expected price range below, but really - we'd love to meet with you first to gain a better understanding of what you are looking for and what we can do to help you achieve the desired outcome.

The first step should be to book in for a free of charge initial consultation - see the Consultant so that you can discuss your hopes and expectations. Once the consultant has had a conversation with you, a member of our team will be in touch to provide you with a full quote. This quote will include everything - pre-op, the surgery itself, post-op and aftercare.





Initial consultation

Manchester, Liverpool & Newton-le-Willows

Free of charge

Free of charge

Earfold - Unilateral (one side)

(minimally invasive treatment under local anaesthetic)

Manchester, Liverpool & Newton-le-Willows

From £1,795

From £25 per month

Earfold - Bilateral (both sides)

(minimally invasive treatment under local anaesthetic)

Manchester, Liverpool & Newton-le-Willows

From £2,795

From £39 per month

Otoplasty - Unilateral (one side)

(available under local or general anaesthetic)

Newton-le-Willows Click here for more information on Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty - Bilateral (both sides)

(available under local or general anaesthetic)



* Default deposit amount (25%) can be varied and costs can be spread over a longer/shorter period, such that the monthly payment amounts are more suited to each individual situation. Please click here for more information on our finance options, including alternative payment models. Or alternately, please ask one of our dedicated team



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Who is a good candidate?

Earfold is suitable for adults and children (over the age of seven) who suffer from prominent ears. The cause of the majority of prominent ears is the poor development of the ant-helical fold and this is who the Earfold is most likely to benefit. The Earfold implant is also an extremely effective solution for those with asymmetric ears.

What is the Earfold implant made of?

The Earfold implant is a thin, curved, metal strip made of nitinol. This is a lightweight alloy made of two metals, titanium and nickel which is commonly used in medicine.

The implant is just 5mm wide, 15 mm long and approximately 0.15 mm thick, weighing 0.068 grams. Due to the Earfold implant being coated with 24-carat gold once placed under the skin, visibility of the implant is minimal.

Is Earfold permanent?

As the Earfold implants are biocompatible they are designed to be in place permanently. However, if for whatever you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the surgery, the implant can be removed. This can be discussed with your consultant.

How many implants are normally needed?

There is only one size of the Earfold implant and, as each patient’s ear size and expectations will be different, the number of implants needed cannot be determined until a full assessment has been carried out.  Depending on the correction needed, more than one Earfold implant may be used in each ear. This may have an implication on the cost of the procedure.

Is the Earfold surgery painful?

To numb the ear, a local anaesthetic is used in the procedure.  You are likely to experience some discomfort once the local anaesthetic wears off, subsiding in 24 to 48 hours. However, this may continue for longer depending on the case.  You may be advised by the consultant to take painkillers.  Changing the ear shape may make the sound travel into the inner ear in a different way, giving the appearance of sound coming from different places.  It will only take a few hours to get used to this and your balance will not be affected.

Will I need time off work?  

With the Earfold procedure, minimal invasive is done. This typically takes 20 minutes for both ears. No bandages are required so you should be able to return to work as soon as you feel comfortable enough to do so. Most people do so on the same or next day.

What is the recovery process?

Despite the Earfold needing little invasion, it’s important to remember it is still a medical treatment, so there are a few things to bear in mind after the procedure:

  • Because of the local anaesthetic, your ears will feel a little numb for a while
  • You may also feel some minor pain after the procedure, which should fade within a couple of days
  • There may be some swelling or bruising, but this will fade over the week following the treatment
  • Your ears may feel a little more sensitive for a while, so although it's fine to wash your hair or shower, you should be gentle
  • You should try and sleep on your back for up to four weeks to avoid pressure on your ears
  • Try and avoid swimming or contact sports for four weeks or so, to let the implants settle
  • Avoid wearing earrings for two weeks or so to reduce any risk of infection
  • Try not to smoke for 3 months, because nicotine reduces the blood supply to your ear, which greatly increases the risk of complications. This is also true of e-cigarettes and nicotine patches or chewing gum.