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Vaginoplasty & Vaginal Tightening

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Sometimes, a simple change can make you feel happier with the way you look and boost your self-confidence. Vaginoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery designed to ‘tighten’ the vagina and is performed by one of our highly trained Consultant Plastic Surgeons & Consultant Gynaecologists. 

Over the course of a woman’s life, changes such as the natural ageing process and childbirth may cause the muscles of the vagina to become slack or loosen. For lots of women, this can result in decreased sexual pleasure for themselves and sometimes for their male partners too.


What is a Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty (also referred to as vaginal tightening) is a relatively straightforward operation to tighten the vagina. The procedure is done under general anaesthesia at our surgical centre in Newton-le-Willows (St.Helens) and as the surgery is conducted as a day-case procedure, you can usually return home the same day. Any stitches used are dissolvable so there is no need to return for their removal.


What are the potential benefits?

After the procedure, many women’s level of sexual pleasure during intercourse increases, as they may find it easier to reach an orgasm. This is often the case for their male partners too and as a result, women may feel more confident during intimate situations.


How can Pall Mall Medical help?

The first consultation forms the most important part of the process and during this, the surgeon will listen to you and examine you before explaining the available options and possible risks of the procedure.

At Pall Mall Medical, our highly skilled Plastic Surgeon will see you quickly at a time that suits you at our Manchester or Liverpool clinic or at our private diagnostic and surgical centre in Newton-le-Willows.


Vaginoplasty Surgery Price

Each patient is unique - different expectations and as such different requirements. We don't apply a "one size fits all" approach to cosmetic surgery, and as such, the price of the surgery will depend on the exact requirements of your individual procedure. We have included an expected price range below, but really - we'd love to meet with you first to gain a better understanding of what you are looking for and what we can do to help you achieve the desired outcome.

The first step should be to book in for a free of charge initial consultation - see the Consultant so that you can discuss your hopes and expectations. Once the consultant has had a conversation with you, a member of our team will be in touch to provide you with a full quote. This quote will include everything - pre-op, the surgery itself, post-op and aftercare.




Initial consultation

Manchester, Liverpool or Newton-le-Willows

Free of charge


(general anaesthetic)


from £4,795 


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For further information about our vaginal tightening procedure (Vaginoplasty) and to book a free consultation, please contact our cosmetic team on 0330 058 44 55, complete our enquiry form or email us on

Our CQC-certified clinics in Liverpool, Manchester and Newton-Le-Willows are all wheelchair friendly; provide FREE Wi-Fi and access to hot/cold drinks.