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Since my procedure my
eyes are a lot brighter, I am
so happy with my results.

Joanne Heaton, Blepharoplasty Patient

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What is blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)?

Also commonly known as an eyelid reduction, a Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure to remove excess fat or skin from the eyelids with the aim of improving drooping, hooded or misshaped eyelids.

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the face - they are often the first things that other people notice when they look at you. With age, our muscles slacken, and the skin loses its elasticity. For the eyelids, this results in folds in the upper lids and deepening creases in the lower lids which can affect eyesight, change the shape of our eyes and leave us looking tired and older than we actually are.

The procedure can be carried out under local or general anaesthetic on both the upper and lower eyelids. During a free of charge consultation with one of our expert Facial Surgeons, you can discuss what you are trying to achieve and the options available to you.

Our team of Patient Co-ordinators, Nurses and Surgeons have supported lots of women undergoing this procedure so you can expect the best possible advice, care and results possible.

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What results can I expect from blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)?

At first your eyes might feel tight and watery, but this will quickly settle down. The procedure will result in the eye area looking fresher, brighter and more youthful. Any scarring will become almost invisible within four to six months as they will sit within the eye’s natural creases.

Joanne Heaton

“I'm so happy with my results!”

My friend recommended blepharoplasty surgery to me as she has had it previously, so I came to Pall Mall. I had excessive skin on my eyelids and always looked tired, I struggled to wear makeup on my eyes and lacked confidence on a whole. I felt like I was ageing quicker and I wasn’t happy about it. Since my procedure my eyes are a lot brighter and firmer and I am so happy with my results.

- Joanne. H   ★★★★★

How much does blepharoplasty cost?

Surgeon Consultation Blepharoplasty (upper eyelids/lower eyelids) Blepharoplasty (upper & lower eyelids)
FREE From £2,495 / £3495 From £4,495
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  • Flexible terms from 6 - 48 months

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What happens during

From your first call or email, we’re here to support you. Whether you're still researching about eyelid surgery and would like more information, or you're ready to meet a surgeon to see what results you can achieve, our team of Patient Co-ordinators are here to help.  


Prior to your operation, you'll be asked to come in for an appointment with a surgeon so that they can better understand your concerns and then examine your eye. This will last between 20-45 minutes during which time the surgeon will discuss the procedure, post-surgery support and aftercare that you should expect as well as things you can do at home for added comfort and to assist the recovery.


Prior to your Blepharoplasty surgery, you will be invited into a pre-operative assessment with a member of our medical team so that we can appraise your medical health to ensure that you are in a good place for the surgery. This process will involve a blood/urine sample being taken as well as an MRSA test.

Finally, the nurse will photograph your eyes before surgery for our medical record. There's no rush here, so you'll have plenty of time to then speak with the nurse and get some answers for any concerns or points of interest you might.

After this you'll be closer to your surgery and please keep in touch if you have any questions between the pre-op and the day of your surgery!


On the day of your Blepharoplasty, you will attend our private hospital with free on-site parking and large rooms with en-suites to ensure your comfort. Your nurse and surgeon will then assess your health and ask for a further consent form to be signed before being taken to theatre.

For the operation, you will be placed under one of general or local anaesthetic, and the procedure will take two hours, after which our medical team will carry out the post-surgery examination.


After the surgery, we are keen to have you back in the clinic so we can monitor the results and see how you've reacted to the surgery. Therefore we will book you in for 3 separate visits after 1,2 and 6 weeks to analyse this as well as take photographs to document the process.


The most important thing to remember when you're a patient at Pall Mall is not to forget that we are always willing to help you with your journey. So if you want to keep in touch or arrange further meetings please bear in mind we have 24/7 hotline to our wonderful nurses and that our medical team are always happy for you to come back to the clinic if you want to know more about the surgery or if you have any anxieties.

Five reasons to choose Pall Mall

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    We’re one of the few cosmetic surgery providers owned and led by doctors.

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    Your initial consultation will always be with one of our surgeons.

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    You’ll have your surgery at our state-of-the-art private hospital and you'll recover in a private room with en-suite facilities.

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    We’re rated 4.95 / 5 by our patients on

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    We offer 0% finance over 24 months on all cosmetic surgery procedures.

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