Face & Neck Lift
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Thank you to Pall Mall
for making me so
happy with my appearance.

Janet Thorpe, Face & Neck Lift Patient

Face & Neck Lift
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What is face & neck lift surgery?

The most visible signs of ageing often appear on our faces and can affect our mood, confidence and self-esteem. A facelift is a surgical procedure that can target a number of concerns on the face, typically by using a combination of techniques to tighten muscles, remove excess fat/skin, and “re-drape” the facial skin, resulting in younger and refreshed appearance.

We see lots of woman over fifty who are considering this procedure to achieve a more youthful appearance and help them to feel more confident. We offer the latest facelift techniques including the 'Deep Plane Facelift' which is performed by one of our expert facial surgeons Mr Raghavan. To achieve the best results possible, our patients often consider a combined face and neck lift procedure, or opt for a blepharoplasty procedure at the same time.

Our expert plastic surgeons & facial cosmetic surgeons can discuss all of the options with you during a free of charge consultation. Following facial surgery patients tell us they look and feel 8-12 years younger and that the surgery has had a positive impact on their self esteem.

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From £6,195

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Face & neck lift
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What results can I expect from face & neck lift surgery?

With a range of different techniques available including deep plane, MACS facelift, upper facelift & lower facelift, you can achieve your desired result. Your chosen surgeon will discuss the best option for you and this will be explained and discussed at your consultation. After surgery your face will appear tightened and more youthful.

face lift-female

“Thank you to Pall Mall for making me so happy with my appearance.”

I came to Pall Mall for a facelift. I considered this procedure for a few years because I had always been unhappy with my face since childhood. I had a rhinoplasty a few years prior to this procedure and my self-confidence increased dramatically, so I wanted to enhance this further with a facelift and now my confidence is through the roof!
- Janet   ★★★★★

How much does face & neck lift surgery cost?

Surgeon Consultation MACS Face Lift Face & Neck Lift
FREE From £6,495 From £7,495
  • 0% interest options available

  • Flexible terms from 6 - 48 months

  • Low minimum deposit of 5%

  • No hidden costs

  • Quick & easy online application

Janet tells us about her facelift surgery at Pall Mall Cosmetics.

Our patients tell us that it helps to hear from other women who have undergone similar procedures. Watch Janet's video to hear all about how she felt before and after facelift surgery and how it's changed her life for the better.

What happens during
face & neck lift surgery?

From your first call or email, we’re here to look after you. Whether you're still researching about how to gain a more youthful appearance and would like more information about a facelift, or you're ready to meet a surgeon to see what results you can achieve, our team of patient co-ordinators are here to help. 


Your surgeon will examine your face and then explain the incision process and how the best results can be reached. The consultation will last between 25-40 minutes and during this time you can ask questions freely and the surgeon will allay any fears you may have.

Additionally, the Pall Mall team will also talk you through the next steps and what to expect from the surgery, as well as any risks that could occur so that you feel comfortable in your knowledge.


Before you undergo surgery we will invite you into a clinic so that we can discuss the upcoming procedure and the Nurse who will conduct the appointment will answer any of the questions you may have about your Face Necklift.

Your nurse will also run an MRSA check as well as blood/urine tests to ensure you're medically fit for the operation. Additionally, we will take photography of your face before the surgery so that we can preserve a medical record for both ourselves and you.


The operation will take place at one of our industry-leading private hospitals with free on-site parking and comfortable en-suite rooms for you to relax in before your procedure.

Our team will make you feel very welcome and settled before the surgeon arrives to conduct a few checks on your health and wellbeing and then will get your consent to take you into the theatre.

Once in the theatre, general anaesthetic will be used to sedate you and the operation will take place over the course of 1.5 to 3 hours. This figure is based on what the desired outcome would look like when you held your consultation with the surgeon.


Our staff are always keen to keep tabs on their patients and therefore in the weeks following your facelift we expect to see you a minimum three times, after 1, 2 and 6 weeks. This will allow us to examine your progress and see how your results are developing. We will also take some more pictures to record the change.


We offer a comprehensive aftercare service with 24/7 contact to our nurse as well as the commitment to see you as many times as you like after the surgery. We will only be happy with the outcome of your surgery when you are.

Five reasons to choose Pall Mall

  • 1

    We’re one of the few cosmetic surgery providers owned and led by doctors.

  • 2

    Your initial consultation will always be with one of our surgeons.

  • 3

    You’ll have your surgery at our state-of-the-art private hospital and you'll recover in a private room with en-suite facilities.

  • 4

    We’re rated 4.95 / 5 by our patients on reviews.co.uk.

  • 5

    We offer 0% finance over 24 months on all cosmetic surgery procedures.

Our surgeons

Mr Ullas Raghavan
Consultant Facial Surgeon and Aesthetics Doctor

Mr Sherif Bayoumi
Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Mr Khalid Ali
Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon

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