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A simple method of skin allergy testing to define what might be causing irritation to the skin.

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Allergy Testing

A runny nose, sneezing, rashes, itching, headaches, and asthma are all common allergic reactions.

If you think you might be suffering from an allergy, you can have your symptoms diagnosed at one of our locations in the North West. Diagnosing an allergy will usually involve having a number of tests; tests can also be used to monitor an allergy once diagnosed. We can confirm any personal suspicions you have regarding any common substances you might be allergic to such as nuts, cereal, dust or pet hair.

Pall Mall Medical provides an extensive range of tests to give you the information you need to make clear decisions about what is safe to eat and what substances you should avoid contact with.

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What happens in an allergy test?

If you choose to take your allergy test with a doctor or specialist, during a consultation, they will discuss your symptoms with you and take a sample of your blood. This blood sample will then be sent to our lab for testing and analysis by an immunologist. Blood allergy tests measure the number of antibodies in the blood that have been produced by the immune system in response to a suspected allergen.

We have a number of 'test profiles' suitable for common food and causes of allergy including:

  • Antibiotics
  • Cereals
  • Children’s Allergies
  • Pets (Cats and Dogs)
  • Fish
  • Insects
  • Milk Proteins
  • Nuts
  • Stone Fruit
  • UK common allergies
  • many more... available individually or in groups

Our combined allergy profiles can be discussed during an appointment - especially if a profile of multiple tests may be more suitable and possibly better value than a single allergen test. Our blood tests for allergies are suitable for children and adults. You can find what is included in some of the most popular allergy profiles below.

Please note that an appointment charge is an additional fee to the test costs listed.

How much does an allergy test cost?

Test type Allergens covered Price
UK Profile Cod
Cows Milk
Egg White
Soya Bean
Meadow Fescue
Timothy Grass
Cat Dander
Cladosporium Herbarum
Dog Dander
House Dust Mite
Nuts & Seeds Almond
Brazil Nut
Hazel Nut
Macadamia Nut
Pine Nut
Pumpkin Seed
Sesame Seed
Sunflower Seed
WalnutPecan SeedPoppy Seed
Food Allergy Codfish
Cows Milk
Egg White
Egg Yolk
Fin & Shell Fish Cod
Prawn & Shrimp
Cereal Barley
Children's Panel The Children’s Panel Allergy Test is a blood test which gives the total IgE with individual IgE allergens for:
Cat Dander
Cow’s Milk
Egg White
Egg Yolk
Soya Bean
Timothy Grass
Wheat Flour
Appointment Fees
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Nurse (results only)

Private GP

Skin Allergy (Dermatologist)

Stomach (Gastroenterologist)

Kids Allergies (Paediatrician)







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