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Express GP Appointment

Express GP Appointment

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Our "express" doctor appointments are ideal for when you're in the city shopping, on your lunch break from work, or quickly nipping in after work. Our express appointments are designed for a quick consultation with an experienced private GP.

Express GP appointments are available daily at our locations in Manchester, Liverpool, and Newton-le-Willows, giving you quick access to a doctor when you need it. You can book an appointment at a time that suits you, allowing you to continue your day as normal. We're open early for appointments before work, and until late during weekdays, giving you the flexibility to get the appointment time for you.


Our express doctor appointments are perfect for...

  • When you know what you want to discuss
  • Have only a couple of questions
  • An existing condition you wish to talk about
  • Need a prescription or medication
  • When you want professional advice quickly

Our doctor appointments are 100% confidential and we won't contact your NHS GP unless you specifically ask us.

To make an appointment, call us or make an online booking today. We usually have same-day appointments available but you can also book in advance if you wish.

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"Express" GP Appointment



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Frequently asked questions about express gp appointments

Where are the GP appointments available?

Appointments with Pall Mall Medical’s GPs are available in Manchester, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows.

To book a GP appointment at Pall Mall Medical contact us at

How do I pay for my appointment?

For GP appointments you can pay by cash or by credit or debit card (excluding American Express) on the day of your appointment. Appointments with consultants need to be prepaid when booking.

Can I cancel an appointment if I no longer need it?

Yes although ideally you will give us 24hr notice when cancelling an appointment so we can offer your appointment to somebody else, though there is currently no charge for cancelling a GP appointment. When booking with a consultant (where a pre-payment is required), we request 24 hour notice or a full refund may not be provided.

Do I need to register with your GPs to have a consultation?

There is no formal registration process to go through when you visit a GP at Pall Mall Medical, if you are a new patient we will ask you to provide some basic details but it is not the same as registering with an NHS doctor.  We offer patients the opportunity to register online or register within one of our sites. Patients do not de-register with their NHS GP when registering with Pall Mall Medical. The process for registering at Pall Mall Medical takes just a couple of minutes.

Can I see your doctors if I have an emergency?

Yes, there is no waiting list to see our doctors and in many cases you can make a same day appointment. Though please note that if you have an urgent medical problem, it may be more appropriate that you visit your nearest A&E department.

Do I need to see one of your GPs before I see one of your consultants?

No, you can book direct with the consultant of your choice without the need for a referral from a GP. This service is particularly useful if you already have a diagnosis and would like further advice.

Do your GPs provide sick notes?

Our GPs can provide sick notes for an additional £20 on top of a GP consultation fee. However, it is not guaranteed that our GPs will provide sick notes as it depends on the individual’s situation. Please note, we can only provide backdated sick notes if you have seen one of our doctors previously for that illness.

Can your GPs refer me for further investigations?

Yes, if during an appointment your GP believes you would benefit from having further tests and investigations done they will arrange this for you.

How often should I review my medication?

If you are concerned that your long term medication is becoming unsuitable then you may wish to have a medication review. It’s advisable that you have your medication reviewed at least once a year to check the medication is still appropriate for your symptoms. During a review you can discuss your medication and any side-effects or problems you may be experiencing and the doctor may recommend alternative medication.

If you are experiencing severe side-effects or any unusual symptoms as a result of taking your medication then it’s vital that you seek medical help immediately.

To book a medication review at Pall Mall Medical contact us at and ask for an extended appointment with one of our experienced GPs. 

How do I know if I should see a GP?

Although pharmacists and nurses can help with routine ailments, in most cases the first port of call when you are feeling unwell should be a General Practitioner.

GPs can give you a full assessment, including looking at your and your family’s medical history, and prescribing suitable medication or treatment if required. In many cases a GP will be able to offer you a plan of treatment after just one visit but if your ailment is more serious you may be asked to come back for a follow up appointment or you may be referred for further investigations such as blood tests, X-Ray or an MRI scan for example.