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Podiatry  or chiropody is the medical care of the foot; its structure and its diseases and treatments.

Partial nail avulsion

A Podiatrist can help with infected, ingrown toenails and curved, distorted or thick nails which cause pain. They are removed partially or wholly depending on what is needed. 

Problem nails that cause discomfort and pain can easily be treated – giving a permanent resolution for the patient. Phenol is used to stop regrowth of the nail. Once the toe has been anaesthetised (numbed), you will be able to move it but will not feel any pain. Discomfort caused by injection of the anaesthetic only lasts a couple of minutes. The anaesthetic usually wears off in 2 to 4 hours. 


Biomechanical assessment

Barry Radivan – Pall Mall Medical's HCPC Podiatrist, specialises in nail surgery and biomechanics. He has a great professional interest in biomechanics (the study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body) and orthotics (devices for the foot). 

A biomechanical examination consists of a thorough investigation including a gait (walking and human movement) analysis as well as checking the angular relationship between the foot, leg and ankle.

Prescription orthoses (foot devices) can be produced by taking casts from the patient and sending those to the leading makers, Langer Group. The devices are custom-made to fit the patient well. Modern fabricated foot aids can be slim, lightweight and comfortable.


Nail fungus treatment

Our staff members are experienced in treating infected toenails caused by fungus. Diagnosis is usually a simple matter but where there are complications the patient will be asked to provide nail clippings for laboratory analysis. In some cases what looks like an infection could actually be the result of another condition such as psoriasis, which causes similar symptoms.

Contact us today if you wish to book an appointment or if you are concerned or showing symptoms of nail fungus.


Private podiatry prices



Initial Consultation £60

Routine Podiatry Treatment*


Partial Nail Surgery Unilateral


Partial Nail Surgery Bilateral


Complete Nail Avulsion £470
Total Nail Removal including phenolisation to destroy the nail bed and eradicate fungai



*Routine Podiatry Treatment is additional to the consultation fee