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Intra-lipid Infusion

Intra-lipid Infusion

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A revolutionary treatment to protect your pregnancy, ideally suited if you have a "precious pregnancies", if you have had a miscarriage, failed IVF or IUI procedures or if you are considering future IVF or IUI treatments.

Available at Pall Mall Medical from £250

Can you have Intralipid Infusion at Pall Mall Medical?

Have you:
1. Been to another clinic for counselling? 
2. Had your first treatment? 
3. Got written information about the treatments required?
If yes to all 3 above, Pall Mall Medical can give the treatment.

What is intralipid infusion?


Recurrent miscarriages and numerous failed IVF attempts could be the result of high natural killer (NK) cells in the body. NK cells form part of the immune system and high numbers of these cells can mean that they treat an implanting embryo as an invading cell and attack it, preventing it from implanting or causing an established embryo to miscarry.

Intralipid infusion therapy enriches the body with essential fatty acids which help to suppress the NK cells and therefore encourage the embryo to implant successfully. This treatment is not currently available on the NHS but is available from the experts at Pall Mall Medical.


How is intralipid infusion therapy administered?

The treatment is administered through an IV drip in the arm. The solution is made from soya bean oil, egg yolk, glycerin and water and each treatment takes around 90 minutes to administer.

In a trial in 2011, the treatment was administered to a group of 50 women who had not become pregnant despite having an average of six rounds of IVF each. Of the women who were treated with the solution, half of them became pregnant, compared to just 9% of those who were not given the treatment.


How do I know if I should have the treatment?

Women who have had recurrent miscarriages or have had a number of recurrent failed IVF cycles can generally benefit from this treatment. When you speak to your consultant at Pall Mall Medical, they will advise you whether this treatment is right for you and test to see if you have a high number of natural killer cells. If the test comes back positive and a high number of killer cells are present, then you may be referred for this therapy.


What happens during the treatment?

In the two weeks between ovulation and your next cycle, you’ll be referred for one or two infusions prior to taking a pregnancy test. If your pregnancy test is positive, you’ll have the treatment every three to four weeks and, depending on the advice of your consultant, you may continue to have the treatment up until your 20th week of pregnancy.

The treatment will take place at one of our clinics and takes around 90 minutes to administer. You will be monitored throughout your treatment by one of our nurses.




Intralipids infusion therapy

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* Reference: Daily Mail article, 21st January 2013