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Pall Mall Medical - Free GP Appointments - St Paul's Square

Book your appointment

Please complete the form below in order to obtain your code for your free Private GP Appointment at Pall Mall Medical Liverpool, 5 St Paul' Square.

You only need to complete the form once. You should take a note of your code once you receive it.


You are entitled to one free of charge Private GP Appointment if:

  • You have never been a patient at Pall Mall Medical before
  • You live or work in St Paul's Square, Liverpool


What is included in your free of charge Private GP Appointment

  • 15 minute "Express" GP Appointment at Pall Mall Medical 5 St Paul's Square, Liverpool
  • Consultation with one of our Private GPs
  • Internal referrals for Pall Mall Medical scans, consultants or surgery
  • Monday-Thursday - 8am-4pm
  • Subject to availability


What is excluded in your free of charge Private GP Appointment

Items are subject to additional charge, upon request. 

  • 30 minute "Standard" GP Appointment
  • Private Prescriptions
  • Sick notes
  • Fit to work certificates
  • Blood tests
  • External referrals (to another private hospital)


We will inform you of any charges before we perform or provide additional services to you.

How to book?

Once you have obtained your code, you can book by:

  • Calling 0330 058 44 55
  • Emailing
  • Completing the contact form on this page
  • Walking into clinic (note that walk-in appointments are available, subject to availability. There may be a small wait)


Please quote your code when booking your appointment

After your Free Private GP Appointment

We hope you find your free private GP appointment convenient, stress-free and helpful. We like to look after our neighbours in St Paul's Square and do offer a range of services across Medical, Cosmetics and Bariatrics. 

Your employer may already have agreed special rates & services for you & your colleagues for after your free Private GP appointment. If you are unsure - either ask at reception or contact your employer.

If you do not have a special agreement set up, please do let our reception know the relevant person at your organisation and we can take care of the details. Alternately, please do pass our details to the relevant person: Charlotte Hoare, Head of Client Relationships,, 07469 763 731.


Thank you once again and we hope to see you soon.