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Lung Health Screen

Health Screens - Healthy Lung Screen

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A Healthy Lung Screen is a proactive health check for those who are, or believe thay may be, at risk of conditions such as lung disease and cancer. You may also be worried or suffering with symptoms of poor ventilation or obstruction to your airways and want to investigate any potential risks to your lung health.

Conditions that affect the lungs can be due to a combination of age, gender, smoking history, and other risk factors such as environmental/occupational exposures and emphysema/COPD. A first-degree relative family history means you have a moderate-to-high risk of developing lung cancer too.

Appointments take place at our CQC-certified clinics in Liverpool, Manchester or at Newton-Le-Willows (just of the M6, North West). The Lung Health Screen involves a 30-45 minute appointment with our Private GP that is fully confidential and discreet, and is an ideal way to highlight any particular concerns you have. 

The screen benefits from advanced lung testing and a detailed medical report containing your results and findings, highlighting any areas of concern identified and necessary follow-up advice from the GP.

Should a health risk or problem be detected, we can act fast with rapid access to specialist consultants and further diagnostic imaging if needed.


When should you consider lung testing?

You should consider a Lung Health Screen if you have any of the following risk factors:

  • You are a heavy smoker, especially of cigarettes, cigars, shisha and marijuana
  • Prolonged exposure to second-hand smoking
  • You have close relatives who have or previously had lung cancer
  • Exposure to radon, asbestos, coal products and/or radioactive substances
  • Exposure to chemicals such is arsenic, vinyl chloride, and other carcinogens
  • Diagnosis of tuberculosis, silicosis and/or berylliosis with or without scarring on the lungs
  • Recurring pneumonia or bronchitis


What tests does our lung screen include?

Our specially designed Healthy Lung Screen involves a range of diagnostic tests to give you a full and complete picture of your lung health.


Healthy Lung Screen: £310


Doctor Consultation


Personal Medical Report


Lifestyle Assessment


Height, Weight & BMI


Urine Analysis


Early CDT-Lung Test (Blood)

Lung Function Testing - Spirometry YES
Lung Function Testing - Peak Flow Analysis YES



What extra lung tests do we recommend?

If you would like more diagnostic information on your lungs, you can add extras tests which can be booked prior or discussed during your doctor appointment.


Why are these lung tests important?

Early CDT Lung Test:

The EarlyCDT®-Lung is a simple blood test to aid in the risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer. This test detects circulating antibodies against the cancer cells in the blood. Antibodies can be detected well before patient become symptomatic. The turnaround time for results is approximately 10 days.
EarlyCDT-Lung has been developed so that individuals at moderate or high risk of developing lung cancer have more chance to benefit from detection at the earliest possible stages when treatment can be most successful.

There are three possible test results; High Level, Moderate Level and Low Level.

High Level  A High-Level would indicate you have an increased risk for lung cancer. Our GP will recommend the best next steps advice, which based on your risk factors, symptoms and previous findings, may include a referral to a Consultant specialising in Pulmonary Function or for a CT imaging scan – both of which can be done quickly with no waiting lists.
Moderate Level 

Moderate Level test results does not definitively mean that lung cancer is present but our specialists can discuss the implications in full with you along with advice on regular monitoring and any follow-up action needed.

Low Level  A Low-Level test result indicates a lower likelihood of lung cancer. However, it does not mean that you do not have, or will not develop lung cancer. Any follow-up needed will be determined by our doctor.



Spirometry is a pulmonary function test measuring how well the lungs exhale, an indicator for the diagnosis of airways obstruction; to check for COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease) and lung age.


Peak Flow Testing:

Your peak flow is a measurement of peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) - how quickly you can blow air out of your lungs. This rate lessens when the airways are blocked, meaning this tool can help to diagnose breathing conditions such as asthma or COPD, check symptoms of a lung disorder that may be worsening or help determine whether environmental factors or pollutants are affecting your breathing.


Why choose Pall Mall Medical for your Lung testing?

We hope your health screen does not show anything of concern, however if it does – you are in safe hands. You won’t be given a basic report and expected to solve your own problems - Pall Mall Medical is here to help with rapid access to state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, as well as over 150 specialist Consultants who can guide you through any further investigations or advice should you need it.


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