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Lung Health Screen

Health Screens - Lung Test

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Who is a lung health screen suitable for?

Those who are at risk of lung cancer due to a combination of age, gender, smoking history, and other risk factors such as environmental exposures (radon, dust, asbestos & radioactive substances), emphysema/COPD, and first-degree relative family history are at moderate to high risk of developing lung cancer. 


What does the lung screen involve?

1.   A comprehensive consultation, examination, and history with a highly qualified GP.
2.   Height/weight/BMI/urinalysis.
3.   CDT blood test (see below)
4.   Spirometry – lung function test to check for COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease) and lung age.
5.   Peak Flow test
6.   Comprehensive report of results.


What is Early CDT-Lung test?

EarlyCDT®-Lung is a simple blood test to aid in the risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer. This test detects circulating antibodies against the cancer cells in the blood. Antibodies can be detected well before patient become symptomatic. The turnaround time for results is approximately 10 days.
EarlyCDT-Lung has been developed so that individuals at moderate or high risk of developing lung cancer have more chance to benefit from detection at the earliest possible stages when treatment can be most successful.

What are the risk factors of lung cancer?

·      Extensive smoking, especially of heavy tar tobacco found in cigarettes and marijuana
·      Prolonged exposure to second-hand smoking
·      Close relatives who had lung cancer
·      Exposure to radon, asbestos, coal products and/or radioactive substances
·      Exposure to chemicals such is arsenic, vinyl chloride, and other carcinogens
·      Diagnosis of tuberculosis, silicosis and/or berylliosis with or without scarring on the lungs
·      Recurring pneumonia or bronchitis

What are the possible test results?

There are three possible test results; High Level, Moderate Level and Low Level.

A High or Moderate Level test result means that you have an increased risk for lung cancer. Your doctor will recommend the best follow-up, which may include CT imaging based on your risk factors, any symptoms you may have and previous radiological findings, if available. A High or Moderate Level test result does not definitively mean that lung cancer is present.
A Low-Level test result indicates a lower likelihood of lung cancer. However it does not mean that you do not have, or will not develop, lung cancer because in order to be eligible for the test you were already at moderate or high risk of lung cancer and this has not changed. Regular monitoring and follow-ups will be determined by your doctor.


How much does a lung health screen cost?



Lung Health Screen



If you are interested in a simple overview of your lungs, rather than a full lung health screen, check out our lung function test here, available for just £60.