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CQC Information: Pall Mall Medical Newton-le-Willows Hospital

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Pall Mall Medical is dedicated to providing the highest levels of care & CQC compliance to all patients, surgeons and external users of our facilities. In order to do this, and as part of our CQC obligations, we must collect certain information on patients who have been operated on at Newton-le-Willows.

Although some patients have their post-op care outside of the PMM team, the surgical episode takes places in our facilities, under our CQC registration. Accordingly, we are obligated to be made aware of any incidents that take place post-op:

  • Emergency readmission to hospital (readmission to PMM, readmission to NHS trust, readmission to another private hospital, re-admission to a hospital abroad)
  • Bleeding post-op
  • Infection post-op
  • Readmission for cosmetic purposes (important for accurate practicing privileges)



  • You should not put patient identifiable data in the document / form.
  • Data will not be shared externally
  • I anticipate you already have this list, in some format, already for your own records.


All incidents must be reported within 14 days

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